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Omega Carpet Upholstery Cleaning Service and Janitorial Service serves Atlanta and the surrounding area with several reliable services. As a 7 time award winner in the Atlanta Metro area for outstanding cleaning and customer service, our satisfaction is guaranteed.
Contact Omega Carpet and Janitorial Services today at (770) 943-3000 to schedule your free, no-obligation quote. In a perfect world, people would have the good grace to die in a hospital surrounded by loved ones, and after they have had the chance to say something profound to their nearest and dearest.
Consider for a minute what it would be like to discover that you have inherited a house from a long-lost relative.
A dead body odor is a smell like no other and it can be very challenging to get rid of There are some effective methods to pummel it into the ground, though.
A specialty job like getting rid of a dead body smell is not something you should be trusting to an everyday cleaner.
You may want to consider renting an ozone machine to get rid of a dead body smell from a residence.
Ozone machines are available in different sizes, so you will need to know the approximate square footage of the space you want to deodorize before you rent one. You may be able to get the dead body smell out by steam cleaning the carpets and furniture. If you are the unfortunate sod who has to deal with removing a dead body personally, you need to have a strategy for getting the smell off your hands.
Lemon juice has a number of helpful properties, and one of them is eliminating offensive aromas. Coffee may not be quite strong enough to raise the dead but the grounds certainly have the power to drive away the smell of a dead body. Air-ReNu, is an eco friendly solution to improving indoor air quality and removing offensive smoking and pet odors.
It’s targeted to remove the foulest Dog & Cat Urine Odors quickly, unlike products that try to accomplish multiple tasks, only to end up masking the Pet odor. Our awesome new product that permanently removes pet odors AND stains—all in a single step!
If you get any solution on carpet adjacent to furniture, be careful to use aluminum foil under legs or even a wooden block under larger furniture. Furniture can be treated the same as carpet but keep in mind that Urine Eliminator needs to reach all the affected areas. Identify the extent of the urine contamination by sight or with the aid of a UV black light.
When looking for cat urine, your focus should be within a foot of the baseboard as well as a foot up the wall if a male cat is the culprit. With certified technicians, we are professionally experienced in cleaning carpets and upholstery.

We have over 15 years of experience dealing with water, sewage clean-up, and structural drying. We all know that life is not simple or convenient, and it’s possible that someone who lives alone who passed on may not be discovered right away. Sani 512 Sanitizer is available online and is used in poultry plants, dairies, and meat rooms, so you can be confident that it can handle this type of special assignment. It may not be a good idea to tell the person working the counter what the nature of your odor dilemma is (and you are under no obligation to be truthful about it if you decide not to share the information).
If you decide to go this route, make sure you invest in a good quality shampoo and a deodorizer.
If you have been in contact with a dead body, wash your hands in one part lemon juice to two parts water. Place your hands in the grounds and leave them in place for a time before washing them off. He has an over-productive olfactory system with absolutely zero tolerance for unpleasant aromas. Air-ReNu is a blend of natural rare-earth minerals made of a variety of elements, aluminum, iron, magnesium, sodium, potassium and lithium. Stains are removed by the natural power of oxygen while the odor bonding and encapsulating power of Hydrocide permanently eliminates odors. For carpets with pad, pour the mixed product on the area using enough to saturate the carpet, pad and floor. This is important because wood stain could transfer to the carpet fibers making a permanent stain. This bacteria needs a moist environment to survive so many times the odor will significantly decrease when the urine spots completely dry up.
With males however, they will commonly lift their leg contaminating walls, furniture, and drapes. Our continuous training program allows us to incorporate the latest technological advancements. The longer it takes for the unfortunate event to come to light, the worse condition the body will be in (and the more disgusting the smell will be).
Unless you can put on your thinking cap and find a way to get rid of this particular type of body odor, part of Aunt Zelda or Uncle Moe will be living with you for real. Shampoo the affected areas, rinse thoroughly and allow them to dry before you decide whether your efforts were successful.
While your hands are still wet, coat them in baking soda and wash them off in the water and lemon juice solution before patting them dry. This is the same product I use to guarantee Results to my clients locally in my carpet cleaning business. Odors are immediately eliminated without leaving strong and potentially offensive fragrances behind.

Sometimes the foam can be taken out but in most furniture this isn’t practical or advisable.
After treating a wool rug with Urine Eliminator it should be thoroughly rinsed with a vinegar and water solution to neutralize the pH.
Mix enough Urine Eliminator solution to treat the spots at a rate of 1 cup per gallon of HOT water.
In fact, I’ve seen many situations where an extensive urine problem goes completely unnoticed in the winter time. Simply having your carpets and upholstery properly cleaned on a regular basis has a dramatic effect on the air quality in your home. That would be enough to give you the heebie jeebies, so without further ado, here is our helpful guide to getting rid of dead body smell.
The air in the room is fresh and clean, and odor-free, without the introduction of any chemicals.
Using a folded towel remove as much moisture as you can by applying steady pressure or best use your shop vac or small carpet steamer. If a dog has urinated on a wall or a cat has sprayed, you may have to remove the baseboard to reach all the affected areas. Then as the weather warms up and the humidity level rises, the urine salts reabsorb moisture which reactivates the bacteria and therefore the odor reappears. We get calls and letters from customers all the time saying "My allergies have been much better since your cleaning" and "Wow, we can't believe how clean and soft the carpets are! Outline the affected areas by placing coins around the perimeter for easy location without the UV light. Have no fear though because this condition is correctable with the vinegar and water solution even if it does occur. Apply mixed solution and carefully apply enough to cover affected area being careful not to use too much which may cause seeping through mattress. A clear lacquer or enamel spray paint can be used to permanently seal the problem in place. If available, use a home carpet cleaner to help rinse solution or use clear water or water mixed with a small amount of vinegar. It dries fast and comes in different sheens (flat, semi-gloss and gloss) to match the surface you are treating.

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