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ExSTINK Order Page of Odor Remover of pet dog or cat urine stink and musty cigarette odors. Get rid of bad smells of cats, dogs, vomit, perspiration, garbage,fish and more with the original pink ExSTINK! Get the two pound canister of gravel to refill your magic dice orput some in a pair of socks to put in your shoesto get rid of smell at the end of a long day. Another poster recommended not using any type of ammonia based cleaners and this is good advice.
So without contemplating a more environmentally friendly alternative I went straight for the bleach. Because I own a cleaning company I’ve heard all kinds of home cures that are always swore by but rarely work.

We lived there – it’s a neighborhood in the center of Buenos Aires – for three years before moving to the beach in Pinamar. Out he stepped with his bleach and his face would scrunch up and his nostrils would do a survey until viola!
Urine has ammonia in it and bleach replicates the strong smell and triggers dogs to pee where there is bleach. Every morning the doorman would come downstairs to clean the sidewalk and the entrance hall. The first thing he did was to sniff around the sidewalk and the walls and pillars of the building.
Or next time it will be 100 gallons of hydrochloric acid to dissolve any trace of urine and any trace of the damn garage door and any four-legged vermin caught doing his thing.

Use something greener, save the planet, cut down on chemicals and find something natural to keep the dogs from squirting your walls. Then he’d scrub and hose everything down and if need be he’d do a second run to annihilate any remains of urine.

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