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Punch elevation technique is really effective as it never causes any differences in the skin tone or smoothness after the treatment. For those who are beauty conscious, it is a serious problem, which dims their facial beauty. The scar is scratched first and instead of joining the skin edges, the defect is concealed with a punch skin graft taken usually from the back of the ears. In the Subcutaneous Incision technique (Subcision), these fibrous bands are broken up by a needle that is inserted under the skin and the tissue, parallel to the skin’s surface.
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After the treatment, the scars and uneven skin surfaces will be lifted, and the skin will become smooth.
Using a round and sharp tool, which is commonly known as a punch biopsy tool, the skin edges can be joined. The skin tone may be change after the drafting, but using the skin resurfacing technique, the difference can be corrected. Nowadays, a lot of beauty treatments are provided to get rid of acne scars and regain facial beauty.
Sometimes, bleeding or nodules may occur after the treatment, but they all can be healed with injections and proper medication. Whenever you go for a treatment, you need to understand the details and results of that particular medication.

The base is then elevated and attached with the joints to the skin surface using a skin glue called Dermabond. You can also use paper towels for this step but be aware that a wet vac is more effective at removing the liquid and potential for urine odours. Never use a steam cleaner for any pet urine odours, as the heat makes the stain and odour worse.

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