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My formulation works very well on rat urine and over the years we have had some beauties to treat.
It will be impossible to remove the smell if it is an ongoing problem.  If the dog is not house trained, make this your first priority. The urine smell can be caused by pillows, rugs and other items that are best cleaned or thrown away to get rid of the smell. Clean affected clothes and bed sheets with an enzymatic cleaner.  You can also use a large dose of baking soda added into the laundry along with your regular detergent.
Consider replacing your carpet, if you believe the stains have soaked through to the carpet pad.
You will not be able to clean, rinse and dry the pad, so it will hold pet urine odours until it is replaced.

You can find this on the Internet or at an electrical store.  It will allow you to see old urine stains and target your work. Try to get to the accident as soon as possible to limit the amount of urine that soaks through to the carpet pad. Do not use too much water on the stain.  A large puddle of fresh water can create problem spots in the carpet where mold can grow beneath the carpet. This method is best if you no longer have a dog that is urinating.  Strong ammonia smells can encourage your dog to mark the spot again. Apply a mixture of 2 parts water and 1 part hydrogen peroxide, if your stain is on a white rug or carpet. Test an enzymatic pet cleaner on a hidden spot, to see if it discolours your paint or floor boards.

If your walls didn’t respond well to the enzymatic cleaner, you can start with this method.
Along the way I have worked on perfecting my product and my methods so I can help home owners remove rat urine odor themselves easily and effectively.
I have also incorporated some ingredients in my formulation that helps you find the main contamination areas.

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