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April 12, 2011 By Arielle 22 Comments It started out an early…early saturday morning.
As I fixed breakfast I noticed that my 10 bananas sitting on the counter were turning a little brown. I am totally bummed because I was hoping to have an amazing donut recipe to share, but instead I am just going to have to settle.. You see, I made these back in December during Christmas time, and for some reason I never shared the recipe. December 8, 2011 By Arielle 63 Comments I’m pretty sure your sick of seeing pictures of cinnamon rolls.
When your a mom with a two hour nap window, you don’t have 4-5 hours to cook cinnamon rolls. Sometimes we think we have to sacrifice things that taste good when it comes to making food healthier.

It had no butter, minimal sugar, and tons of whole grainy goodness, and as I looked for my loaf pan in my linen closet (don’t you keep bakeware in your linen closet?), I noticed one of my new pans that I have yet to use. In a food processor, add all the rest of the ingredients, and process until crumbly, yet mixture sticks. Pour filling into prepared tart pans, and set in freezer for at least an hour so tart will set. For those of you who do well with baking gluten free, I would assume the switch wouldn’t be too hard! It could have been the overdose of chocolate…But I am pretty sure it was because these rolls were everything and MORE than I expected. If you don’t have a dehydrator, use oven at lowest temp setting, and bake for 30 minutes. I also tried using whole wheat pastry flour for these rolls, but it seemed to be too much of a dense flour.

Ideas that make me want to sit in pool full of melted dark chocolate while eating a chocolate covered chocolate bar, as I continue sipping a chocolate smoothie.
No artificial or processed sugars like white and brown sugar, and no butter or vegan butter substitute,and  something a little more plant based.
Add the melted ingredients, plus the rest of the icing ingredients, and throw them into a blender or food processor.
You can actually taste the ingredients, and they aren’t just masked in butter an sugar.

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