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Each season calls for its own set of skin care routines and with the winter on in full swing, it’s time to change to the winter beauty routine, if you haven’t already!
The onset of winter often brings in extra dry skin and it’s important that our moisturizer has the potential to tackle it. Go through your make up and anything that doesn’t provide hydration or nourishment, has no place in your make up kit.
Yes, we all love our matte lipsticks but when put incorrectly, it can turn into a disaster in the winter months, especially if you have dry lips. Opt for soap free cleansers or hand wash and alcohol free sanitizers as these two elements can really dry the skin out. Dead skin cells are quite common during winter months and an not scrubbing these off can result in flakey skin. Winters = hot water baths and hot water and steam open up the skin pores, so it’s important to use a toner to close those pores up. Okay, so you’ve heard this a thousand times, but that’s because this tip is just so damn important! 1) Yes To Cucumbers Facial Towelettes: I have tried several different makeup wipes in the past, but these are by far the best.
2)MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in 'Light Medium': MAC's Mineralized Skinfinish Natural has been a favourite for a year now, but it is only within the last couple of months that I rediscovered why I like this powder so much. 4) Sorme Cosmetics Extreme Volumizing Mascara: Everyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows just how much I love my Buxom Lash mascara, so the fact that I have a new favourite shows just how much I love this new mascara.
5) Medicated Blistex Daily Conditioning Treatment: For the most part during the winter months, I am pretty lucky in so far as I do not get dry skin.
6) Korres Lip Butter in 'Jasmine': I'll be honest, I first bought this lip balm because I had seen so many reviews on it and loved the packaging. 7) LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub: I didn't know if I wanted to include this in my January favourites post as I have seen so many posts about this product on several beauty blogs (including mine), however it has been such a life saver for the cold winter months that I really thought it should be included. 8) Vaseline Intensive Rescue Extra Strength Lotion: Although my skin never really gets dry, I use this lotion without fail every night on my hands and feet. 9)The Body Shop Coconut Body Scrub: I received this body scrub as a present from my Dad this Christmas (okay, I picked it out myself and he accidentally gave it to my mom, but the thought still counts, right?). I am really excited for the month of February as I have a lot of fun and interesting posts planned for the month. It's extremely thick, texture wise and squeezes out in a tube shape, (it doesn't splodge out like a cream or lotion would, not sure how I can describe this) therefore I do find it a little bit hard to squeeze out, especially when I'm in the shower with wet hands.
When using exfoliating scrub, it's extremely gritty and contains lots of grains, it makes an excellent exfoliator and really does help to get rid of any dry skin on my face. Twenty eight year old female and full time Agricultural and Livestock Science Student from Nottingham, UK.
There are lots of common problems that affect the feet and some have potential health risks. Most of us use light moisturizers through the hot and humid temperatures and now is the time to switch it up to a heavy one to make sure our skin gets the nourishment it needs. If they’re too precious for you to let go during the season, make sure to gently exfoliate your lips before you put them on. Exfoliating and scrubbing can get rid of these dead cells, resulting in softer and smoother skin. These wipes, which are blended with organic cucumber, aloe vera and dead sea minerals are 98.7% natural and feel amazing on the skin.

Unlike a lot of translucent powders I use, this powder has really good coverage and helps to conceal any facial flaws (pimples, scars, etc). Although I have been using this product consistently for at least the last 6 months, it is only within the last month that this has become a real favourite.
This mascara was sent to me by the company at the beginning of the month and I have been using it every day since.
LUSH's Lip Scrub has very finely milled sugar that when buffed into the lips, helps get rid of any unwanted dry flakey skin. I love using body scrubs because they exfoliate my skin and help reduce the appearance of my keratosis pilaris (red bumps on the back of my arms).
I have two contests planned for the month (you can click here to enter the first one) and some really fun prizes to give away. From looking at the ingredients, it also contains salicylic acid which is an exfoliator, although how this actually works when you wash the product off your skin, I don't know? I prefer it much more than MAC's Volcanic Ash Exfoliator which I found to be less gritty (the grains dissolve as you use it) and a tiny bit of the Clinique one goes a long way, whereas the MAC one didn't seem to last five minutes.
Lover of animals, beauty products, fashion, food, makeup, blogging, studying, shopping, baking and sewing. But if the problem is unchecked and serious cracks start to appear they can bleed and become very uncomfortable to walk on. Unlike a lot of the other wipes I have tried that are quite thin and leave the face feeling unclean and sticky, these 'Yes to Cucumber' wipes are thick are plush and leave the skin feeling refreshed and clean. Because this eyeliner is so creamy, it is easily applied to the lash line without any tugging or pulling of the delicate skin around the eye area. My lips have been so dry and cracked this winter that I found myself applying some form of lipbalm every hour. Although this balm isn't as moisturizing as the Blistex treatment discussed above, its thick and creamy consistency feels great on the lips. Unlike a lot of the other lotions I have tried, this one is great for sensitive skin as it is not thick or sticky and it is completely unscented. Unlike a lot of the other body scrubs I have used, this one has very fine granules and doesn't feel painful when rubbed into the skin. Currently using the boots scrub which seems to be helping aswel as the vaseline (best moisturiser I have found). Because of the menthol, when you start rubbing it into damp skin, your skin starts to feel very cool and tingly.
And considering in a lifetime the average person walks over 6500 Km it's not surprising that feet start to look craggy if not cared for. If you have diabetes then you must see a doctor or chiropodist for advice and care of your feet. Because these wipes are so thick, they are very durable and could probably be used to take two full faces of makeup off before needing to be thrown out.
First, for a look with more coverage, I use this powder to set my foundation and concealer. This month I have been using this liner to line my upper water line which helps make my lashes look fuller. With these two features combined, this mascara gives the eyelashes a lot of length and a very thick, voluminous look. Luckily I found this Blistex Conditioning Treatment in my bedside drawer and decided to give it a try.

I love applying this balm on my lips before applying my lipstick as its nude tint helps neutralize my lip colour.
If you are looking for a soothing cream for more sensitive skin, I highly recommend Vaseline Intensive Rescue.
Because this scrub is made with a number of essential oils, it is extremely moisturizing and leaves the skin feeling super soft. I do not think this would suit someone with sensitive skin as I think the menthol may irritate them. I think because of the added menthol and salicylic acid, this is why Clinique recommend this product to people with oilier skins. You should also consult your doctor, podiatrist or chiropodist if you are experiencing pain in any part of your foot. I absolutely love reading monthly favourites posts and can't wait to hear what all of you have been loving this past month. However, if I am looking for a lighter finish, I use this powder alone (with no foundation and concealer) by spraying my powder brush with some water or MAC's Fix + and swirling it in the powder, turning the powder into more of a foundation. This lipbalm has a very medicated scent ,which I surprisingly like, and its tingly cool feel feels great on my lips. I like to use this product every other night as part of my skincare regime and love the tingly feeling it gives my lips. Unfortunately, because I haven't been feeling well, the majority of my month was spent in bed and I didn't get a chance to use a lot of makeup. I also like to carry this powder in my purse for a quick touchup throughout the day as it leaves my oily skin with a nice matte finish. I have found that this treatment has helped with the dryness of my lips and even better has heeled the painful cracks that I get at the sides of my mouth. This may sound really strange (well actually not may, it will sound strange) but the smell of the Jasmine Lip Butter reminds me of the fair. I love coconut scented anything as it reminds me of laying out on a tropical beach soaking up the sun and drinking pina coladas. I did however get a chance to try some new face, lip and body products and wanted to share them with you. It's like a sweet cotton candy smell combined with the buttery smell of a funnel cake (fried dough sprinkled with sugar). I am definitely going to see what else the Body Shop carries with this scent as I am in love!
I have one in my purse, and one om my keyboard at work.I just bought that Vaseline cream this past week. So I've been applying after every shower to keep smooth.The Body Shop has a whole line in that scent! I love my MAC MSF too, it was new to me last year and I can't believe I haven't discovered it sooner!

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