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The entire human body is covered with skin and thus you should take utmost care in keeping your skin in proper shape.
By ashy skin we mean to say that the skin is dry normally seen in people having a dark color. Sometimes your skin may have scratchy marks especially the elbows may become quite crusty due to frequent movement of the hand.
The fatty oil extracted from the nuts of Karite nut trees found in parts of Central Africa is processed into the making of Shea Butter. Pure Shea Butter can be one of the best remedies for ashy skin as it has excellent conditional qualities which make the skin smooth and moisturized. Use of this butter has been age old and due to the non toxic effect and vegetable fat contents the cells in the epidermal layer of the skin gains regeneration and helps to remove the dryness in the skin. Application of Shea Butter is not at all difficult and painstaking due to the richness of vegetable oil in it.
You have to apply Shea Butter on the forehead, lips and the tips of your ears and then massage for few minutes. The application of Shea Butter has had a wonderful effect in the removal of scars and dark lines on the body and in no time you will find yourself getting rid of ashy skin. Everyone and their mother in the beauty blogosphere have spoken about this Rimmel pressed powder, and it seems to be a consensus that it really works.
The Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder is a matifying powder, mainly used after foundation and concealer to get rid oily or shiny patches on the skin. Yeah, it’s such a great powder, but I have to be really careful to not apply it to my dry patches! I have very dry skin too (and even eczema in places) and the only powder I usually use is MAC MSF but I did try this one too. After giving the face a good scrub you can apply a few drops of this serum on the fingers and give your face a mini massage. You needn’t head out to the beach with a bucket and spade when this overnight mask is loaded with seaweed.  This cream was made to get in to those pores that are tired and defeated after a long day and make sure they don’t give up work while you’re asleep. Looking for a day cream which gives a semi matte finish without being oily and have anti aging benefits?? I have been using this product for more than 3 weeks and I think this is the right time to put a review on it.
The light texture of the cream helps it to get absorbed into the skin very fast and there is no greasy or oily feeling.

The SPF is only 15, so a separate sunscreen has to be definitely used along with this product. Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti Ageing Fairness Cream is a great day cream which moisturizes skin well without making the skin oily. DisclaimerProduct reviews published in this blog are solely based on my experience in using the product.
The color and the texture of skin vary from person to person and the beauty of a person is revealed by the glow of the skin. Some people have ashy skin while others have a smooth one.
You will surely want to get rid of ashy skin by using remedies for it to avoid being noticed with scratches on the parts of the body and specially the heels. There are many remedies to get rid of ashy skin like usage of lotions and herbal medicinal pastes.
The use of Shea butter has been recommended by renowned skin specialists all over the world irrespective of the tan or color of the skin.
The elasticity of the skin is increased due to the moisture content in Shea butter. What is more important is that it does not have an allergenic effect on the skin. Shea Butter have also been used in making soaps to eliminate the dryness and help in the rejuvenation of the skin cells. You need not mix the butter with anything and simply you have to apply on the parts of the skin where it is ashy.
So I thought I’d see it for myself and decide whether it works for me as well, or not. Rimmel claims it contains natural minerals that help control shine for up to 5 hours and it also helps minimise the appearance of pores. When you’re going to bed at night, having a regime in place to make sure you’re not going to wake up to dry patches and an oily forehead is key. Leave it in overnight and it will hydrate every nook and cranny on your face, trying to keep the skin feeling rejuvenated.
Made especially to help get rid of that tired look and puffiness around the eyes, rub a layer on to the face at night and you should have no problems keeping those eyes open in the morning. From cleansing to moisturising, Total Effects offers an array of products dedicated to making your skin look its best.

It has not caused any kind of breakouts on my sensitive skin and there is no clogging of pores. Avoiding too much soap may also lead to less ashy skin and of course the nature of diet counts much while forming the texture in the skin cells.
This butter is itself a sun protectant and helps in reducing the wrinkles on the skin especially for aged people.
If you have oily skin, I recommend reading this fab review by Adrienne from The Sunday Girl (HERE). A blend of caffeine and vitamin E (best for skin) try to make skin feel smooth and stop puffiness. The product is not fragrance free, it has a sweet floral fragrance which doesn’t linger for a long time.
The product gives a dewy finish .It suits all skin types and even help to get rid of some dry patches on the skin. This product will be suitable for those who are still in their 20’s and just want to begin the anti aging skin care with milder products. Products that have worked for me may not work for you so please use at your own discretion.
Compared to MAC MSF Natural, the Rimmel one is a lot more chalky and therefore, it tends to look a bit more cakey on my extremely dry skin. Any man will feel like he’s been tricked in to spa life thanks to the cucumber scent of the cream. It is very sturdy and has a transparent cap which fits tightly to protect the nozzle from accidental leakage.

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