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Kay, i'll number the piercings 1-5 going up, starting from the large black one, ending with the one up top.
I had my ears pierced since I was super young, and a little over a year ago (i think?), I decided I was going to stretch them. Much the same process as the beginning of piercing #1, pierced since elementary school, I just used earrings going up a size each time. Pierced when I was 11-I don't usually wear earrings in them because I hate wearing them in bed and I'm too lazy to put them back in the next morning.
I had my industrial done at the start of July 2005 as a present to myself for finishing all my exams and leaving school.
I have piercings in each of my ears, but I also have my tongue webbing (frenulum I think it is called?) and my VCH.
The next two piercings that I plan on getting are a chest surface piercing (right in between my breasts) and possibly my nose.
Ok so I am too lazy to take photos of anything (I've been meaning to get photos of one of my tattoos for ages).
I got the summer before the snug and it was in a local place with my former best friend and our dads. 17 yrs - Second lobes, again with a gun, k, I know this is a stoopid reason, but it would have cost me more top get em done with a needle so I settled for the gun, I paid for it with pain though, they hurt and itched like HELL, I couldn't open the earring and one day in school, my ear swellled so much the back popped right off!

I want to get an industrial on my left ear and an orbital on my right but I'm still a teeny bit wary of getting my cartilidge pierced agian!
I don't have tatoo's and I only have my ears pierced so unless I have some over-dramatic earrings (which I don't) a picture would be boring.
I took the route of just going up sizes at the beginning, 18 to 16 to 14 to 12, (my ears took it well, it was like putting in another earring of the same size) and then I got a taper and self-stretched them to a 6. Now everyone has it, but I like it as I've had it for four years now, so it's sorta part of me.
It hurt really bad to get it done, but it healed fantastically-I don't have any scar tissue, which is usually associated with industrials. I have really bad allergies so I keep changing my mind about my nose, because I don't want it to swell up or get infected etc. Your totally right, it's much more interesting to look through one thread at lots of different pictures than lots of little threads.
After that I had 6g plugs for a while, then I bought some 4's, popped em in, and then to 2's. I used to wear a ring there for a while, with no actual hole, just fit around in the spot (CBR with no ball), so I thought, what the hey, get it pierced!
You can still see the blue marker that my piercer used to figure out where he was piercing and how it would lie etc.

I would take very good care of it, but I can't help the extra crud i have to put up with because of allergies. And since I'm known to my friends as the 'Tattoo Guru', my friend Erin asked me to join her to get hers. The girl working there had the nape of her neck pierced 3 times, I thought it was the most beautiful thing ever, and I still plan to do sometihng like it someday.
My surface piercing is just a matter of finding the money though I hope to get it done around my birthday (which is in April). Because of my whole ordeal, my mom told me that I could get my nose pierced because I had been begging for it for quite some time.
The guy who pierced me also had his ears stretched, gave me a bunch of info on it and a couple years later I gave it a try. Besides that, i've been greatful to have such cooperative ears in the process I plan to stay at a 2g for a while, I think i'm done.
It's right near a bend in the ear, so I'm not sure it's possible, but I think it could be pretty (with the second lobe piercing, of course ) If it weren't for dance, I'd ask for a navel ring.

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