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Pressure compressions: With this method, the keloid is subjected to pressure 24 hours a day until the keloid is no more. Laser therapy: With this method, laser rays are used to destroy unusual cells found in the keloid. To ensure that no infections are attained on the piercing as well as the keloid, clean it daily.
Aspirin paste: The reason why this is believed to work is because it opens up blood vessels lying beneath the skin and thus speeds up the process of healing. Among the many options there are on keloid treatment, there is only one way of getting rid of keloids fast.
If you are wondering how to get rid of keloids on cartilage, there are a number of options.
A gray box in the lobby of a New York City apartment building emits an annoying sound that only teenagers can hear.
American Towers apartment building in Queens, New York City, used to have groups of teenagers hang inside the lobby and outside on the sidewalk at all hours of the day. Geneva Lindsay, a 14-year-old resident, says the sound coming from the little gray box on the wall is like a cat hissing. A solitary lobby in a New York City apartment is ordinarily the site of daily gatherings of teenagers.
This spring, convenience stores in Canada and an apartment in Queens are the latest to rely on high-frequency, ultrasonic sound box to clear public spaces of loiterers. Looks like hypertrophic scarring - my tragus piercing did the same thing until I changed out the CBR I was pierced with (put in a labret stud). Hey dude, it may get worse before it gets better so don't panic too badly if it looks worse today, especially seeing as you probably haven't started any serious treatment of it.
I have a pretty fresh tragus punch and I basically just get a mug with my SSS mixture and tilt my head and dip the whole ear into the cup.

Done in the conventional way, the process gets rid of the scar tissue by cutting it off using a scalpel.
These take a long time to be effective and do not produce immediate results like some medical procedures.
It requires to be carried out together with other treatments to ensure that a recurrence does not occur. These range from medical procedures which include surgical excision, steroid injections, silicone gel sheets and freezing using liquid nitrogen.
Some people tend to pierce their tragus and it may at times form a keloid or a scar growth. While she didn't mind the group of teens who hung out in the lobby on a daily basis, her mother did.
A little gray box on the wall emits an annoying, high-frequency sound that has driven them away. Emitting a sharp sound that only people age 13 to 25 can hear, the device, called the Mosquito, has begun to gain traction in the United States. It has been healing fine up until yesterday, when I noticed a fairly large bump above the piercing. Here’s how to get rid of keloids on ears, on piercings and on nose as well as removal methods at home. The procedure is conducted under local anesthesia and does not require one to be admitted in a hospital. These are very common because cartilage takes long to heal when compared to other fleshy parts. If this is uncomfortable, soak a cotton ball in the solution and hold it on the keloid until it cools off.
The doctor will be in a position to discuss what options there are and recommend the best combination.

The solution for eliminating keloids on tragus is using the same methods used for getting rid of ear piercing keloids. I'm not sure if it's hypertrophic scarring, or an infection, or what, and am a little worried, not to mention that it doesn't look too pretty.If anyone has any suggestions on how to remedy this, please let me know! Unless you have a very short barbell I'd use a labret stud, because having a barbell that's too long will only make it worse.
From my experience I can say that when you feel the infection getting worse and you cant see your piercer, then do it by yourself. Research has shown that surgical removal of keloids has a 45 percent likelihood of recurrence. In case your skin is sensitive, dilute this with some water to avoid getting skin irritation. This will ensure that one gets great results and that the procedure used is not too complicated.
It is therefore best conducted together with other methods such as steroid injections or silicone strips. In England, critics have mounted a campaign against the device, claiming age discrimination. For people who are prone to keloids, the doctor may use a combination of two or more methods to suppress recurrence.
I used chamomile soaks to help reduce the bump I got on my nose; buy some herbal chamomile tea bags, pretend you're making tea and let the tea bag soak in warm water for a few minutes, then hold the tea bag against your tragus.

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