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While epidurals may be a good option for some women, it would be folly to discount the risks and side effects – for both mother and baby. Consider these 10 reasons why you may want to think twice before calling for the anesthesiologist. Because epidurals require IV fluids, bladder catheter, and full time electronic fetal monitoring, mothers are unable to be in control of the natural progression of labor. Epidurals often slow the second stage (or pushing stage) of labor by interfering with the natural hormone of labor (called oxytocin), as well as reducing moms’ ability to push effectively. The gold standard of medical reviews, a Cochrane Review, came out with this research in 2011. Kimberly Jacobsen Nelson, a freelance reporter from Oregon, has had three babies – the first with an epidural, the second two without. Elizabeth Greenwell, a doctoral candidate at Harvard School of Public Health, completed a study about epidural use and fevers which involved more than 3,200 women delivering a full-term baby at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston in 2000. As a labor and delivery nurse and an epidural user, this is the experience I typically see. I think it is unwise to quote a Lamaze educator (who may be very good at her job but is clearly not a scientist) when trying to state scientific evidence. What good is it to live in 2013 if you want to have the same experience as women giving birth in the year 13?
As an anesthesiologist, I would caution anyone to take this authors opinions with a grain of salt. Petra Spies, arts-onderzoeker in het UMC St Radboud concludeerde in 2010 op basis van onderzoek op Nederlandse geheugenpoli?’s, dat de ruggenprik moet worden opgenomen in de richtlijnen om de ziekte van Alzheimer vast te stellen. Spies heeft onderzocht hoe vaak de Nederlandse geheugenpoli?’s gebruik maken van de mogelijkheid om de diagnose aan te scherpen met een ruggenprik. Beste Ayla Versteegh, mijn vader is zojuist ontzettend achteruit gegaan in de anderhalve week na de ruggenprik.
Schrijf je nu in op onze maandelijkse nieuwsbrief boordevol tips en adviezen voor je gezondheid. I haven’t written out a full birth plan yet, but in my ideal world I will show up to the hospital already 3 cm dilated, feel like I’m going to die but then actually don’t die, and pop out a baby 12 hours later- without the help of medicine. Sabrina, the writer behind the healthy living blog RhodeyGirl Tests, is expecting her first baby this September with her husband Trig. Talk to your dr about other options since there are plenty of options between nothing and epidural. At first I tried to breath through my contractions, until one hit me that hurt so bad it made me cry. For my second I had a planned C section (was hoping for a vbac but baby had to come out early so that didn’t work out). Additionally, almost everyone I know who had an epidural had a very positive birth experience and did not require any other medical interventions. I went in 5 weeks ago thinking the same thing for all the same reasons, but after laboring hard for 3 hours with contractions 1 min apart the whole time to find I was only 1 cm dilated, I got the epidural. I opted for the epidural because I didnt’ feel like I needed to prove how strong or superior I was because I went without it.
I understand women’s concerns about epidurals, and it is a very personal choice for everyone. With my first, I planned to not have an epidural, but I was too exhausted to go without it.
Just to let you know, America’s Next Top Model with the volumn off helped me get through contractions.
I had two epidurals (for one birth) and neither took correctly, thus I felt just about everything. My husband is an anesthesiologist, and I have to say, the stories I hear about unsuccessful epidurals (and not-so-skilled anesthesiologists) are scary. I told myself I wanted to not have an epidural, the pain was so intense that I ended up having one and do not regret it at all, I know there are some women out there who think they are superior because they went medication free but everyone is different, every birth is different! You’re right that you can’t totally plan, but you can definitely clarify your intentions and preferences! I did not have an epidural or pain meds or an episiotomy, but I also gave birth at a Birth Center where this is the norm and supported by the whole staff.
My only suggestion would be to look up pain management techniques and talk to a lot of others who have had the experience.
I used water as pain management but I think the biggest surprise was how much I begged for the epi even though I didn’t want it. I am also a first-time mom, but I am planning on an epidural if the pain is too much to handle.
Finally, when I was pregnant with my third, someone mentioned that she had done hypnobirthing and from what I understood, rather than focusing on the pain, the idea is to think about how each contraction (they call then surges) brings you closer to your baby’s arrival. My midwife told me that every woman, at one point in her labour feels like she can’t do it anymore and wants the drugs. Definitely find out what sort of epidural procedure is used at your hospital so that you can make a fully informed decision at any time.
Please note that epidurals work with gravity so any pain you experience above where the needle is put in will not be relieved. Sabrina, my former hairdresser told me about a place in Philly that she went to called the Maternal Wellness Center and I think they have natural birthing classes.
Just a side note, I got the epidural at 4cm and while all the side effects sucked (not being able to move, numbness only on one side), the little bit of reprieve it gave me was a welcome relief. With my first child I labored a long time at home before I went to the hospital (I highly advise this!) so there was LESS time at the hospital. When an unsightly pimple shows up on your face, you want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Wash your face twice a day with a mild cleanser, making sure to remove all traces of makeup before you go to bed.
Overview Little pimples that pop up after shaving are not pimples in the traditional sense. Centers for Disease Control National Center for Health Statistics published a report about the use of epidurals in 2008. Based on data collected from 27 states that track the use of anesthesia for labor, six out of ten women with a singleton birth received an epidural or spinal anesthesia.
The needle provides temporary pain relief, but it also can lead to a slew of unwanted interventions and a slower recovery. A recent study pinpointed that over 19% of women who received an epidural experienced a fever of 100.4 or higher. Since the mother is numb, she is unable to get in the most helpful positions to help guide the baby’s descent. Little is known how the epidural effects the baby, but we do know that the drug does enter the baby’s bloodstream. Did you take classes for either of those approaches or did you “teach yourself” through a book? Good health (regular exercise, nutritious diet, low stress level, adequate rest) or lack thereof is sure to have a significant effect on labor, delivery, and recovery outcomes.
I had an epidural with both of my children and it was great I wasn’t in pain, enjoyed my labor.
It was definitely not like that with my first I was numb but my second I felt everything but pain and it was a great experience. The reasons not to get an epidural are pretty exaggerated and not explained well here, but I cannot deny her experience. In fact, they were effective for me both times I had to have the procedure done after spinal taps. If a woman takes an article like this as gospel without doing further research, she is naive.
I appreciated my pain-free labors.Though I will say, I felt like Xena Warrior Princess after having my third son without an epidural (esp. It’s a good idea for any mother to have a discussion with her physicians before making any decisions regarding your medical care. The only trouble was on the first one she didn’t get it in the right place and had to do it again. Men and women who have been in the medical industry delivering uncoutable children for 20+ years. Onderzoek toont aan dat een ruggenprik uitsluitsel kan geven bij twijfel of iemand wel of niet de ziekte heeft.
Neuropsychologische tests en een eventuele MRI-scan van de hersenen leveren een duidelijke diagnose op, vooral bij ouderen.
Binnen de eerste paar dagen had hij pijn in ledematen, was erg moe, en hij is weer een stuk warriger, minder aanwezig, stiller.
Oh, and all while my husband and I take advantage of the hospital’s free Wifi to watch funny clips on our laptop as a distraction tool.
Studies may say that it is perfectly safe, but I still feel that medicine should only be used if medically necessary.
The anesthesiologist that spoke at my hospital’s childbirth class said that walking epidurals are super rare and not guaranteed.
My doctor agreed that as long as I have a heplock in case of emergency, I don’t need to have fluids via IV and I can continue to drink on my own.  If I need an epidural, however, I will also have to have my fluids via IV.
I don’t know how I would react to an epidural, but I have had major surgery a couple of times.

Most say one side was more numb than another, it made them feel not right, or they wished they hadn’t had it. After seeing my mom pricked and prodded day after day through her cancer treatment, I promised myself I never would be afraid of needles again.
I feel very proud to say I had a baby without using any type of anesthesia but for my second baby I couldn’t deal with the pain and got the epidural when I was about 7 cm.
She specifically stated that she is NOT putting that reason on her list, because she is NOT scared of needles after her mom’s experience. She IS a hero for trying to do best for her and her baby and being prepared to be flexible as needed. However, DO NOT feel like a failure if you opt for the epidural, or feel that you are superior because you didn’t.
But it did help that he was able to talk me through what happens, how an epidural works, etc.
I could feel my legs enough to move and could feel the tightening of the contractions, but the pain was gone. I will not be getting the epidural early on in labor, but only if I reach that point where it is unbearable (and before 8cms, the hospital’s policy). Unless my water breaks, I am going to labor at home as long as I can before coming to the hospital.
I arrived at the hospital and they made me walk for 2 hours and for me (and I generally have a high pain tolerance and rarely take painkillers of any kind) that was enough walking. When I had my daughter almost 7 years ago, the hospital gave me the standard epidural dose, which was more than enough for me. I am going to try to delivery #3 naturally if possible because I now live in a town that has a birthing tub in the delivery room and I have heard it makes things a lot easier but if I have another sunny side up kid I will happily take the epidural. They try to act as though we, the mothers, have no rights and the way many moms prefer is the right way. They allow you to only feel so much pain, then the rest is numbed up naturally by them, so you don’t miss out on anything. Look at your own grandmother, unless you’re super young, then look at your great or great great grandmother. From what my non-epidural friends have told me, the key is to keep your body relaxed through the pain to allow labor to progress. I said the moment I went into labor they would give me the epi and I would float through pain free. With my daughter, born 4 months ago, I went into it wanting to try for a natural birth and I ended up getting an epidural around 6 cm because I couldn’t move I was in so much pain.
You can try a few home remedies to quickly reduce the size of your acne outbreaks, or see a dermatologist for professional treatments that reduce the appearance of acne fast. Picking at your breakouts can increase redness and lead to infections, which take a long time to heal, according to "Allure" magazine. Purchase the cream at a drugstore, where you'll find it with the other medications used to treat bug bites and rashes. Hold an ice cube right on your inflamed skin for a few minutes to reduce redness and swelling and lessen the pimple's appearance. Ask your doctor to give you a cortisone injection in a stubborn pimple to get rid of the blemish within 24 hours. Wash your glasses or sunglasses frequently to keep them from contributing to clogged pores. The sun's ultraviolet rays can damage your skin and lead to an increase in pimples, according to the TeenHealth website. Each time, the baby slid out into my arms and the pain evaporated, replaced by pure relief and indescribable joy. We do know, however, that they did not gain wide popularity for pain relief in labor until the 1970’s. It seems contradictory that many women take great precautions to avoid deli meat, coffee, wine, and tylenol throughout their pregnancies…and then proceed to take in a heavy anesthetic agent right before meeting their babies for the first time. I was so weak afterward that I could not even hold my new baby as they wheeled me into the recovery room. The thing I do see in favor of epidurals that happens most of the time is the speeding up if the first stage of labor because of the ability for mom to relax and stop fighting the process. I slept through everything and woke up to deliver… I recovered much faster than when my first child (no epidural) was born felt like a train hit me.
I felt no pain at all, just pressure while pushing, which helped me to control what was going on. That being said, it is a pain in the butt to be forced to have an additional procedure done after living in agony from a horrendous headache where your brain is literally being squished. De bepaling van biomarkers in de ruggenmergvloeistof geeft veel meer zekerheid over de ziekte van Alzheimer. Wanneer er toch nog twijfel bestaat kan na een ruggenprik in het hersenvocht van de patient naar biomarkers worden gekeken.
In de meeste gevallen bevestigt de prik de aanvankelijke diagnose, maar bij ruim een kwart moet de diagnose toch nog worden bijgesteld.
If I need to have an epidural because I just can’t take the pain or need some rest for pushing, I will.
After my D&C for my missed miscarriage, I was given pain medication but I managed without. It was a welcome relief when I got it, but I was also satisfied in my mind that it was DEFINITELY time to take that next step. There are millions of women who have been having kids for thousands of years without drugs.
She has good reasons for preferring not to have an epidural if she can handle it, but also knows that she can ask for one if she reaches a point where she feels it’s needed. Don’t be so close-minded as to suggest that epidural is the only way to go, since every woman is different and every birthing experience is different. I had no interest in going without the epidural and I think it was a reason I ended up with a C section with my first – if I had been able to walk around and be in different positions it might have gone better.
HOWEVER, when I have a tooth pulled I definitely get numbed – to me passing a human through a very tiny opening seems pretty on par with that!!
Then came the numbness in my left thigh for about a year after, especially when I was lifting heavy things (including my newborn, who at the time, was not very heavy at all). I had all the same reservations that you do, plus a healthy dash of claustrophobia so I was worried about freaking out if I was stuck in my bed. What’s wrong with just simply believing that this is what our bodies were made to do and having faith in our natural capacities?
The doctor asked me a few different times if I was ready for an epidural and I said I wanted to wait a bit longer. If I am not there in the building, the medical staff cannot intervene and try to speed my labor along with pitocin. Didn’t enjoy getting it put in (I figured once the lidocaine was in I was good to go, but OHHHHH, no, that was NOT the case!) but once it was in, it was awesome. I was in active labor for almost 24 hours and I know I would not have been able to sleep if I was not on pain mess. I have a low tolerance for most drugs, and I was a very happy epidural recipient, but I needed the dose reduced before I could push, and it did take awhile to wear off. They had to stick me on my head for 20 mins before they could cut me open (forced C-section to deliver my baby early, because the strange OB whom I did not know or trust wanted to deliver my child due to his race, so she could brag).
As a matter of fact, I personally feel that having an epidural or a spinal takes away from it all, because instead of focusing on the life inside you coming out to greet you, you’re concentrating on feeling numb all over. They start with the lowest dose and you can push a button to increase the medication if you need more. Also Pennsylvania Hospital (at 9th & Spruce, associated with Penn) has a low-intervention childbirth class series. The epidural didn’t make it pain free, it worked though and I was able to feel the pressure of my baby bearing down with the contractions so I knew when to push but the intense pain of the contractions was gone. One of the best ways to get rid of acne outbreaks is to follow a cleansing and treatment regimen that prevents pimples from forming in the first place.
Dot the hydrocortisone cream directly on your pimple and leave it on for several hours to reduce redness and swelling. Don't let your hair hang in your face, since oils from your hair can also lead to acne breakouts.
The information presented here is meant to serve as a guidebook of data and a compilation of experiences so that you can make the decision that is right for your family.
Epidurals as a pain management option for childbirth is relatively new – less than 45 years old. Since fetal heart rate can be a sign of distress, doctors often react with the suggestion of a C-section. She far preferred her non-medicated births, “A woman delivering without anesthesia recovers much faster than with anesthesia. With my second son, I opted for the epidural before the pain from the contractions even began.
At the same time, this article is full of great ideas for further research for mothers who want to know more about likely one of the most intense experiences she will ever have. Het blijkt dat de ziekte van Alzheimer betrouwbaar is vast te stellen aan de hand van enkele eiwitten, zoals amyloid en tau. Wanneer er twijfel bestaat over de diagnose is een ruggenprik dus een waardevolle aanvulling”.

I don’t know if I will want to labor sitting on a big exercise ball, walking around, or laying down, and I don’t want that decision made for me unless it is medically necessary. You are telling Sabrina to keep an open mind, yet yours is closed to the idea that epidural is the only way to go because that was what worked for you. However, when I was having contractions at almost a minute apart, and there was no time to refocus, and I was only 2cm… I knew it was going to be a long night. I did the first natural and was so traumatized by the pain I felt like I couldn’t immediately bond with my son and my recovery took forever. None of that bothered me, and I was very relieved to get out of the crazy pain place and return to my totally normal self for the delivery: laughing, joking, being an active participant in the process.
From my personal experience, I got to the hospital with both of my pregnancies at about 4cm and had my water broken at 5cm which took me to 7cm. Instead of thinking about the baby, you’re thinking about not being able to feel anything in your body.
The lowest dose worked for me and allowed me to push right away with out any issues and I was up and walking to the bathroom on my own within 30 min. Then I went into labor, couldn’t even feel my contractions much until they broke my water.
It was a wonderful birth compared to my first two, and I had epidurals with all three…they were all very different so just listen to your body!!
Even if a C-section is not the outcome, the heightened heart rate often leads to further investigations of the baby after birth (which can include blood and spinal fluid samples).
I am currently 8 months pregnant and I’ve included an epidural in my birth plan this go around as well.
Despite repeatedly saying I couldn’t feel anything, they did not turn off the epidural flow. With having this they were able to monitor my baby internally which was quite necessary and enabled me to not have ac-section.
Jongeren met geheugenklachten waarbij de diagnose niet duidelijk is, kan bijvoorbeeld een ruggenprik uitkomst bieden. Volgens de artsen zelf is de afwezigheid van een duidelijke richtlijn echter de voornaamste factor om geen ruggenprik te doen”.
Het was al vrij duidelijk welke vorm van Alzheimer hij heeft, maar ivm met het aankomende laatste stadium wilde de dokter dit toch testen zodat we straks de nodige medicatie kunnen instellen hierop.
I know that a healthy baby is number one, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try to have the type of experience I want. They were going to shoot for a third time but I told them to forget it, I wasn’t going to be stabbed in the back a third time.
Keeping an open mind and making sure your husband knows what you want and will advocate for you is important. After 11 hrs of labor the nurses said that the anesthesiologist might not be available for a while and I should get an epidural then. By the time the pain medication in the spinal wore off, I didn’t need any prescription pain meds, just ibuprofen. Because I hadn’t gotten an epidural and there was no time for one in the OR I had to be put out completely. You don’t have to dose yourself to the point of feeling nothing (though you can if you want). Almost 4 years later, I delivered my son at the same hospital, but the epidural delivery method changed: the dosage was lower to start, and the patient has the option to increase it herself if needed. With my first baby, After an hour and a half of unmedicated contractions with my water broke and a sunny side up baby I got an epidural and thought it was great. I finally broke down and asked for an epidural… only to start PUSHING uncontrollably WHILE they were putting the needle in my SPINE! I ended up needing a c-section (2 hours of pushing and the baby did not move at all) so the epi turned out to be necessary. I still wanted an epi even though I could handle the pain because I was scare of how bad it would get. After the pitocin, WOW the contractions started in seconds and were so incredibly intense, that I don’t think I could have even had a coherent thought to ASK for an epidural! I want the moms to get the experience they want, and am all for no interventions childbirth when possible, but I hate to see ladies suffer unecisarilly.
I finally let them give it to me at 6 centimeters, then labor slowed and the epidural only took on one side.
Only once all else had failed (trying different pushing positions) did she think to turn it down. It is very true based on every expierience I have known of while being induced and receiving the epidural. Nu ik zie hoe erg hij achteruit is gegaan ben ik op zoek gegaan of dit normaal is, er is wellicht een lekje geweest waardoor hij behoorlijk van slag is. I remember being so oblivious to anything except my labor pains that I hardly knew what was happening at times. I was unconscious and my husband had to sit out in the hall and neither of us got to witness our sons birth.
I chose not to constantly hit the dose button and I could definitely feel pain when I delivered but it was much more manageable than if I hadn’t had the epidural. Because of my low tolerance, the minimum was plenty, but I was able to push immediately and pushed out a nearly 9 pound baby with two pushes.
She might’ve wished for a huge does of morphine or so, but she knew that what pain she would experience would soon be over and long forgotten when she would be holding that little bundle that she was looking forward to. After a spiking fever, she had to leave her baby behind at the hospital for a few days after her discharge as a preventative measure. We had to wait for the epidural to wear off before my daughter-in-law could start pushing with our second grandchild.
I respect woman who it it natural but I wanted to enjoy the day my children where and not have a blurred memory because of the pain. Also, nothing I had feared, fretted over or worried about by getting an epidural happened or inhibitted my birthing experience. I labored for the first part at home (my partner went in to work and I managed them on my own until it was time to go to hospital). I had no adverse side effects, my daughter was breast feeding within minutes of being born and I was walking around that day. When I have my next child I’m planning (yesi know plans go awry but this is my ideal plan) to do the same thing. So find out what will actually happen if you do opt for an epidural before deciding: you might have more control over the situation than you had thought, and it might inform your decision-making in the heat of the moment. She’s an RN and mentioned that its because of epidurals that she has the job of lactation consultant.
I vowed that night that I would go drug free so the nurses couldn’t tell me it was my inability to push properly slowing things down. I am glad that I had the epi and was able to experience c hild birth without all the pain I had in the beginning. I had back labor (which I had no idea about that!) for hours, my daughter came out sideways. We’re not having any more biological children (#3 was adopted) but if we did I would start asking for the epidural as soon as I walked in the door! I think I could have delivered my son without the epidural, but I’ve never regretted either one of them. Also I think a lot if women should realize that just because an ob recommends a c-section doesn’t mean you have to have one. This time around I’m doing a lot of research on pain management in labor, birthing positions, and making sure I have supportive people around me. They pushed the dose too high, and left me alone, unable to feel if I should call the nurse because it was time.
This is just my experience, of course, and you might be fine without one, but keep in mind that others’ experiences might not involve the same procedure yours would. Things started stalling as a result of being fully dilated and just left there, not even knowing I was dilated.
Only after my second complaint of starting to throw up, did anyone decide to listen and check me.
I was aware that there were other people in the room but I have no idea how many, or what they looked like. It was a water birth (if you can do it…defintely check into it!), virtually pain free! That all being said I’m going into my next Labor in October not wanting an epi but I too will go in with an open mind and if my labor is harder then it was last time I will go from there. I also had no after effects beyond feeling kind of itchy in my legs and I usually don’t handle surgical anesthesia well. I know I was lucky to have a nice easy first labor that lasted 10-12 hours and only pushed for 20min but I think part of the reason it was short was because it was unmedicated.
I think more people should go into labor with your point of view, it seems most are either set one way or another.

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