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Probably everyone has gone through that excruciating moment of seeing a Facebook message, but realizing that you should not have read it. The extension also allows you to choose the messages that you want to mark as read, in case you do want to reply back. People have expressed their dissatisfaction with Facebook’s feature ever since it was introduced a few years back, but it seems that the social website not only decided to keep it despite the negative feedback, but they did not offer the possibility to turn it off either. Although this is the most known extension, it should be mentioned that there are other ways to disable the privacy-invading feature, one of them being another Chrome add-on known as Facebook Chat Privacy. Also, for those who don’t use Chrome, there is one other extension which works with several browsers, and it is called Social Reviver, which allows not only to disable the above-mentioned feature, but also to go back to some of the old Facebook functions.
However, the bad thing about most of the add-ons available for download is that you will no longer have the option to see if someone has read your message either. So, before going for any of these measures, you will have to decide what matters most: knowing if someone is ignoring you on Facebook or not letting others know that you are ignoring them. However, on an excruciating bike climb last week from 6,200 feet to 9,800 feet on loose gravel on a mountain bike (preparing for this enduro mountain bike race), we had a very hard time re-hydrating for many days afterward.
Even though I consumed all kinds of liquids that day (and forgot to take my electrolytes), both my husband and myself were quite ill the next day.

If you are trying to kill Lyme and you are 1) not hydrated and 2) don’t have your electrolytes balance, how do you think you’ll get rid of the nasty toxins these bugs leave when you kill them?  Sick building syndrome can occur VERY QUICKLY, so do NOT forget to get this right.
Electrolytes that are balanced allow toxins to move out of the cell and balance the inside and the outside fluid. Get the Replete NANO electrolytes and add them to your beverages, preferably without sugar.
During the summer times, especially if you’re 1) active or 2) fighting illness, take it twice a day per instructions. Updated Content Straight to Your EmailHeal Your Nervous System With OilsA really cool discovery about Conviction For Healing.Are you getting enough of your BASIC NUTRIENTS?
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The solution to it is Facebook Unseen, a Chrome extension that helps you hide the fact that you have read the message from the person who has sent it. It’s a critical biological function in a healthy person and perhaps even more critical for those who are toxic.

Sugar cancels the electrical potential of electrolytes…you know, the stuff that makes your heart tick.
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