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Eyelid warts, or filiform warts, are usually removed by a medical professional by paring with a scalpel or scissors or freezing with liquid nitrogen.
The first step toward the removal of eyelid warts is to consult with a medical professional who can properly diagnose the presence of this type of growth. Instead of over-the-counter wart removal products, doctors can suggest alternative and safer treatments for eyelid warts. An alternative treatment for filiform warts is freezing with liquid nitrogen, which should be applied so that approximately 0.08 inches (2 millimeters) of skin around the wart turns white. I have an eyelid wart, it's located exactly where my eyelashes start. I'm going to have it removed but I'm worried about scarring. Technically called blepharoplasty is a procedure to remove fat, usually along with excess skin and muscle from the upper and lower eyelids. Eyelid surgery can correct drooping upper lids and puffy bags below your eyes - features that make you look older and more tired than you feel, and may even interfere with your vision.
While it can add an upper eyelid crease to Asian eyes, it will not erase evidence of your ethnic or racial heritage. Upper eyelid surgery can remove excess fatty deposits that appear as puffiness in the upper eyelids. Loose or sagging skin that creates folds or disturbs the natural contour of the upper eyelid, sometimes impairing vision, can be treated by eyelid lift surgery.
Lower eyelid surgery can correct droopiness of the lower eyelids, showing white below the iris (colored portion of the eye).
As people age, the eyelid skin stretches, muscles weaken, and fat accumulates around the eyes, causing "bags" above and below. The best candidates for eyelid surgery are men and women who are physically healthy, psychologically stable, and realistic in their expectations.

They include thyroid problems such as hypothyroidism and Graves' disease, dry eye or lack of sufficient tears, high blood pressure or other circulatory disorders, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.
We strive to assist you on achieving your goal weight, and improve your lifestyle, by providing excellent, personalized care in your new journey for a longer life of healthy living.
Such warts are long and slender with a visible base and projections that look like toothbrush bristles.
As these warts do not tend to manifest in clusters, treatment and removal are often as simple as paring. The skin will thaw in approximately 10 to 20 seconds, but blisters can form within two days of treatment. There are approximately 100 different strains of the HPV virus, and most spread through person-to-person contact. Many of these products contain ingredients that can damage or destroy the delicate eyelid skin as well as the wart. I'm also scared that a part of my eyelashes will be removed along with the wart and they may not grow back. What is the best wart treatment for me? However, it won't remove crow's feet or other wrinkles, eliminate dark circles under your eyes, or lift sagging eyebrows.
Before surgery, the surgeon marks the incision sites, following the natural lines and creases of the upper and lower eyelids. Most are 35 or older, but if droopy, baggy eyelids run in your family, you may decide to have eyelid surgery at a younger age. A detached retina or glaucoma is also reason for caution; check with your ophthalmologist before you have surgery.
This variant of the common wart is characterized by long, narrow, and frondesque growths that can appear on the face, neck, and eyelids.

These warts are likely to disappear without treatment after a few months, but there is no guarantee. Paring involves cutting the wart off at its base with a scalpel or similar instrument, such as surgical scissors. Additionally, there is a risk of hypopigmentation and permanent depigmentation associated with this type of treatment.
As filiform warts like eyelid warts form in sensitive areas, patients should seek medical treatment rather than attempt to remove these growths on their own. But your doctor can give you a cream to use after the procedure to promote healing and prevent scarring.
In a transconjunctival blepharoplasty, a tiny incision is made inside the lower eyelid and fat is removed with fine forceps. They are typically asymptomatic, benign, and easy to treat, but patients should not attempt to remove them on their own because of the risk of damaging sensitive facial skin and surrounding tissues. A similar method involves removing the wart by scoping or scrapping the tissue with a curette. Given that the eyelids are very fragile and sensitive, liquid nitrogen is not a common treatment option for eyelid warts. The surgeon closes the incisions with fine sutures, which will leave nearly invisible scars.

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