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May 9, 2013 by Vera Ezimora 9 Comments It’s quite unfortunate all the things that we (women) have to think about and deal with. So my friend, Uju (yes, the doctor one who is always giving me reasons to not sleep at night) said we should start using anti aging cream because Iman said it’s better to start using it now than later. According to what I read, the anti aging industry is a multi billion dollar industry, and it’s easy to see why. There are also treatments like botox, chemical peels, and the famous vampire facial that Kim Kardashian did, all to make us look younger.
According to an article I read on WebMD (and yes, I know that WebMD isn’t the Journal of Medicine), the best thing that people in their twenties and thirties can do to maintain their skin is avoid smoking and apply sunscreen (at least spf 30) every single day. I’m writing this now because when I went to Walmart yesterday, I found myself staring confusingly and longingly at the anti aging aisle. Reading this has inducted you as a Sweet Potato and a member of Elders' Council of Verastic.
Secret to youthful looks drink plenty of water daily eat your vegetables and fruits, oily face users wash your face with African black soap aka Dudu osun once daily other face types use it once a week as an exfoliator, do homemade facials weekly, if oily incorporate a clay face mask weekly. I should know everytime I ask people to guess my age I get 3-4 years younger answers and ladies please exercise as much as you can to tone your body and stay healthy. I agree with Pendo, lots of water, fruits, and exercise are number one on the list to keeping fit, being healthy and even looking younger from the inside. The last time I went to Lancome to get my moisturizer (I currently use the multivitamin with SPF 30), I wanted to try the anti-aging one but my SA shooed me away saying I should wait till I turn 25 before I start. Acne is a condition characterized by the formation of pimples on the skin, usually on the back, shoulders or face.
Topical medications are those that are applied directly to pimples to fight acne at the source. While not technically a medication, tea tree oil is an effective alternative for treating facial acne. Perhaps the most effective systemic treatment for severe acne is the drug isotretinoin, also known as Accutane. Use a face mask brush to brush on the peel off face mask in smooth, even motions over your entire face, avoiding the areas around your eyes. Depending on the climate and weather where you are, the mask can take anywhere from 20 minutes to half an hour to dry sufficiently to be peeled off. You’ll know the mask is dry when you feel it getting really tight around your face and it is no longer remotely sticky or damp to the touch.
The mask is pointless if washed off so don’t prematurely splash water on your face in impatience to clean up. Once you have gotten as much of the mask off by peeling, you can use a damp face cloth to clean up or wash your face with cold water to help you close your pores.
If you find the face mask very difficult to peel off, try applying a thicker layer next time.

Another way to thicken a mask is to apply a layer of tissue paper over the mask and to apply another layer of the face mask over the tissue. To make the peel off mask even more effective so it can pull out more blackheads, steam your face over a bowl of hot water for about a minute prior to applying the mask. A peel off face mask, or indeed any face mask, is best applied at night so that you don’t expose your face to makeup or environmental pollutants for some time after you are done. In any of the possible situation, there are some of the exercises that can help to get rid of the extra fat from the face. These facial exercises are easy and can be done even when you are resting on the bed or on the couch.
Just like men don’t think as much about their waist line, they also barely think about anti aging remedies. From lotions to creams to mists, and to serums, and from eye creams to lip creams to neck creams, and to hand creams, I stared at each of them.
While it’s not harmful to get the peel off face mask in your hair, it can be rather messy and difficult to get off so do what you can to avoid it.
Remember that the point of this mask is precisely so you can peel it off, and you won’t be able to do that if the mask is not completely dry.
They strip away impurities from your pores like dirt, dust and dead skin cells, thus leaving your skin radiant and rejuvenated.
This will make the mask thicker so that it gives you a better grip when it comes time to take it off. That’s why it is important that you take steps to close those pores again when you wash off the mask.
This will open your pores and help the mask to penetrate deeper to get at those more stubborn blackheads. Face is most vulnerable to fat and yet is the most vulnerable part of the body to gain weight. But anytime, working out on regular basis and for the whole body would be more effective for the cause. Running or even jogging on a daily basis can help in reducing the excess fat from the body. One popular option is to wax the face; another is laser hair removal, which is a permanent option. This is basically a slow bleach, and a natural way to make the hair less visible.Next, make dough out of wheat flour. In fact, the likes of George Clooney and Denzel Washington are celebrated for being distinguished. There are all kinds of things for women to use to make us drink from the river of Forever Young, but the problem is that try as we might, we just cannot be forever young. My most memorable discussion about youth was with a woman who works as a personal trainer at LA Fitness.

My brand is Olay, and while I don’t buy the special anti-aging cream, most of the products I use have some anti-aging qualities, I think it is their Total Effects line.
Plus, I am trying as much as I can to go natural, not just in the hair department but also in the skin care department. My kick boxing teacher once asked if I was above eighteen yet, and while it was flattering, I wonder if he was playing me. Oh no, these tiny but yucky black spots will make their presence known in large groups, usually localized around a particular area like the nose or forehead so that they can catch your attention (and everybody else’s as well).
Good hygiene, regular cleansing, avoiding exposing your skin to environmental pollutants and exfoliating regularly. Egg whites have the right texture for a really simple homemade peel that will rip out those blackheads in no time. However, this is a pretty great mask for the health of your skin anyway so it’s a good idea to just apply it all over your face. While you exercise, the blood circulation of the body increases which in turns helps in burning the excess fat from the body and that comes out in the form of sweat.
These anti aging remedies have ingredients like retinol, peptides, and collagen, and I am pretty sure that the average person has no idea what these are or how exactly they kill the demon of aging. She told me, “I can give you what I have (fitness), but you can never give me what you have. Meanwhile, I want to start moisturizing my body and face with the natural stuff cause all these other things, I don’t know what the heck they put in them. Take a close look at the peeled off bits and you will see for yourself the blackheads that have been pulled off in the mask. Once your blackheads are gone post using the incredible peel off face masks we’ll tell you about, do yourself and your skin a favor by learning a suitable skin care routine to keep the icky things at bay in the future.
Running or jogging or even cycling will help you in getting rid of the excess fat from the face. But I have never heard the likes of Meryl Streep and Betty White described as distinguished.
The idea is to get it to cool down and firm up, but to still have the viscosity to glide over your skin.
Put it in the fridge or freezer before you put on your face mask so that it is ice cold when you are done. Dip a face cloth into the water, squeeze out any excess, and press onto your skin for ten seconds at a time.
And then, there are ones that people like me don’t even know of because they are not for people with my kind of income.

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