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80% of women experience a normal feminine odor every 2-3 weeks.1 Many women feel the need to clean their vagina with harsh products or cover up odor by masking it with deodorant sprays.
We all feel embarrassed to admit that it happens to us, but the truth is that it is completely normal. It works by coating the vaginal area with a specially formulated gel that is designed to protect, balance, and restore feminine freshness. Our bodies have a natural, complex cleansing system that involves a delicate balance of microorganisms.

It’s best to consult a doctor if you experience strong, fishy or unpleasant odors especially if an abnormal discharge, itching or irritation accompanies these odors.
Besides perspiration, every woman has a unique scent that fluctuates during her menstrual cycle and may change depending upon hormone levels. Women often describe their normal scent as musky, which is attributed to the body’s normal cleansing system. It’s a worry-free solution for maintaining feminine freshness and controlling feminine odor.

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