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Nail fungus is a common problem so everyone must know the easy remedies about how to get rid of nail fungus at home fast with effective and permanent result.
Baking soda is easily available at home and it can be used as a remedy for the nail fungus. White vinegar is one of the best home remedies that can be used to get rid of the nail fungus. Apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature which can be used to prevent the nail fungus from spreading.
Tea tree oil has the fungicide as well as the antiseptic properties that can help to treat the nail fungus. The toenail fungus can be defined as a common problem in which, a fungus or bacteria get attracted to dark and damp environments and locate right under and around the toenails.
The condition is medically known as onychomycosis that is generally featured by little pain (initial stage), itching and discoloration of the nail.
To get rid of toenail fungal infection, one should take precaution that the fungus should not progress further.
One can apply some essential oils such as lavender, tea tree or olive essential oils alone or in the combination onto the affected areas. Some of the naturopaths suggest using simple vapor rubs as simplest way to cure fingernail infection. Another great way to cure toenail fungal infection is applying diluted Listerine and clove’s oil that has capability to eliminate any infection especially fungal. For using baking soda against nail fungus take half cup of the baking soda, one forth cup of peroxide, 4 cups of hot water and half cup of the Epsom salts. For using white vinegar against nail fungus take one part of white vinegar and mix it with two parts of warm water.
All types of the orange oil have the anti fungal properties and thus can be used for treating the affected nail with fungus. These essential oils are having healing property for the skin and hence, can be effective in treating the toenail fungal infections.

However, there are no researches, studies or clinical trials, but vapor rubs are considered to be effective treating toenail infections especially the fungal infections.
An infection with the nail fungus begins as a yellow or a white spot under the tip of the finger or the toenail. Soak the affected finger in this solution for almost 10 to fifteen minutes daily until the nail fungus is completely gone. Apply the orange nail between the fingers daily using a dropper and allow the oil to sit for at least one hour.
The socks are to be washed with disinfectant solution and one should put disinfectant powder in the socks and shoes. Some of the people suggest using vinegar; whether white or apple cider to cure fingernail or toenail fungal infection in a safe way. Soaking affected food into the lukewarm water containing fresh raw garlic bulbs can also help curing the situation up to major extent. However, if the nail has almost destroyed due to the fungus that has now deeply seated into the nail tissues and is not responding to any of the natural or home remedies, local incision remains the only treatment. As this nail fungus spreads deeper into the nail, it may cause the nail to discolor, thicken and also develop the crumbling edges.
Soak the affected nail in this mixture for few minutes and then using a cotton ball apply this mixture on the nail. If you feel any skin irritation then add more water in the solution and repeat the process as mentioned. The orange oil can also be diluted with any kind of carrier oil such as the grape seed oil in equal amounts. It gets enough sweat or moisture to live and spread and finally, makes the nail discolored, one of the features of fungal infection of the toenail.
Such powder absorbs the sweat and other moisture from the fungus infected nails and cuticles keeping them dry and healthy. Garlic is disinfectant, anti-fungal and antibacterial agent that can cleanse that local area in very effective way.

This is the surgical procedure in which, the affected nail is removed and then the affected area is covered with bandage for some days; patient being on antibiotic courses should change the dressings on the regular basis. Before applying the tea tree oil on the skin dilute it with mixing the oil with thyme oil or olive oil in equal amounts. One should keep in mind that after any application or soaking, the toenail are to be thoroughly dried because if it remains wet or moist, there are fair chances for fungus to grow again. If the nail fungus is too old then this remedy can be very useful to get rid of the nail fungus. So it is advised to test the diluted orange oil on small part of skin before applying on the affected nail.
You can also make an anti-fungal scrub with few spoons of the apple cider vinegar mixed with finely grounded rice flour.
Using orange oil is the simple method to know how to get rid of nail fungus at home fast by using these easy remedies. The nail fungus symptoms include the extreme pain, swelling, thickening, inflammation, yellowing and the crumbling of the nail. There are many causes of the nail fungal infection that include low immunity system, wearing the synthetic socks, sweaty shoes, diabetes, abnormal PH levels of the skin, continuous exposure to the moisture and poor hygiene.
There are medical treatments as well as home remedies to get rid of the nail fungal infection. You can treat the nail fungal infection within a month or two by using the natural remedies.

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