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Due to the platform change, it is possible you might not be able to login using your old password. So I almost didn't reply to this because I saw the original post was from 2009, but when I continued with the thread, it seems to be on going. I came home from work last night, washed my face, and put the honey on like a mask, and let it sit for 20 min. I have small skin coloured bumps too and I've tried a lot of stuff like face masks and I've bought a lot of face washes and exfoliatiors and none of them help. I used to have a similar problem, my skin was producing too much keratin and the bumps were just a build up of dead skin cells, the area was feeling very irritated after a while. I agree with getting advice from a dermatologist and getting a diagnosis, I had a general idea about my issues (I'm trained in skincare), I also got advice about my issues before I acted on them, I know the treatments may not work for everyone, I was just explaining my own experience.
I just joined this forum because I have been suffering from the same problem and I have been doing SO much research but I still can't find out what these horrible flesh coloured spots are!
I suffer from these mainly on my cheeks and my chin and they don't really show unless im in a really bright or sunny place or if your really looking close up. Sorry for going into so much horrible detail but i just want to make sure that i am talking about the same conditionas everybody else.
I have tried steaming my face, having facials, using exfoliants and using acne products and even products containig glycolic acid but NOTHING seems to get rid of them! I even completely changed my diet and cut out all bad food and I'm really healthy now but there has been no change. I have actually noticed that my mac foundation makes this condition worse so i've also tried cutting down on my make up which helped a little but i can't go for too long without my make up!

This has lead me to believe that it might just be clogged up pores but if so they why hasn't my skincare regime helped? I'm going to research comedonal acne, and something called millet seed acne to see if that's what i have. Another possible condition this problem could potentially be is something called SYRINGOMA, it occurs usually after puberty in young adults (which is interesting considering that i never suffered from skin problems as a teen).
Also, back to the cosmetics side of things, I've found that silicones which are found in cosmetics and moisturisers can actually block up pores REALLY bad and the worst thing is that many products which contain them actually claim to be non-comdogenic.
I also have them under my eyes, went to dermatologist, he said he could do nothing as they were a part of my face foundation. PEOPLE DON'T PICK AT THEM IF YOU DO IT WILL SPREAD EVERYWHERE ON YOUR BODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are still working on importing all the content and we request you to be patient until the process is complete. So I did some leg work, (found this thread in the process) and ended up going to a favorite youtuber of mine (cloudyapples) who had heard of Manuka Honey. Any time I've used honey in the past it's gotten chunky, and could be more of an exfoliater, and was a nightmare to get off. I had a few treatments of micro dermabrasion about two years ago and now I don't have any issues, I just exfoliate every week and that's enough to keep the issue at bay.
Calcium deposits usually need to be professionally extracted- since there's no pore (opening) for them to easily slide through, an Esthetician or Dermatologist will use a lance to create one.
That was after one use, and you're not using something harsh on your face, it's gentle and nourishing.

I strongly believe you need to make sure you get a correct diagnosis so that you get the treatment you need. I used to have them on my forehead from my first year of college until my last (4 YEARS!!) and they got really itchy one night and were gone the next morning, my forehead is always completely clear now. It took me some experimenting, but I have my go to cleanser and really don't have the acne issue I used to. Apparently it's suppose to help you with regular zits too, which have been popping up for me, so I went out and bought it, yesterday.
However at this point you most likely need a more aggressive treatment and trying something at home could damage your skin possibly leaving permanent scarring.
However, I started going back to the drugstore products, and not eating great (because your eating habits, in my opinion, play a bigger role than what you're putting on the top layers of your skin). It's possible there is an inexpensive generic topical that will work without having to have multiple procedures that can get quite expensive.
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