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A yeast infection causes itching, burning and redness just outside the honey pot, called the vulva. A recent Danish study linked the use of Fluconazole, and anti-fungal drug used for yeast infections to a slightly higher risk of miscarriage. Disclaimer: All content on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation. Do not step out in sun after applying lemon juice as it makes your skin more sensitive to the sun rays that can further damage your skin.
Did you know that parsley extract is used in many cosmetics meant for skin discoloration problems! Add enough water to this mixture so that you may get a consistency similar to a thick pudding. Potatoes are rich in vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids and a variety of phytochemicals such as carotenoids and polyphenols.
Now this is not only a home remedy but also a way to use something that you will, any way, throw away.
Rub the inner side of this rind on your face so that the juice gets transferred to your skin. You may also add some lemon juice to the warmed up oil for enhancing its capacity of removing dark spots.
Turmeric has been used since ages in some countries like India, not only for its health benefits but also for its excellent skin care abilities. Take the turmeric and add milk to this in drizzle so that you put only such amount of milk in it which is enough to make a paste. Gently massage your face with this mixture for 2-3 minutes focusing more on the black spots. If you feel stinging sensation with raw onion juice, mix some honey to it and then apply to your face. Oatmeal contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe your skin in more efficient ways than you can imagine. Sara is a Boston-based registered dietitian who works with clients to improve their health by optimizing nutrition. Pomegranate can be called a super fruit because it has too many beneficial components within it. Parsley, also known as rock celery, is perhaps the most popular culinary herb used worldwide. If you do not want to soak dates, have a handful of them on an empty stomach in the morning after which drink a cup of milk to remain energetic throughout the day.
As you now know, your body can get two types of dietary iron- heme and nonheme- from two sources namely animals and plant based foods. Have legumes like kidney beans, lima beans, green peas, chick peas and pinto beans all of which are good sources of iron. Have lots of fruits and vegetables as there vitamin C and organic acids keep iron in a reduced form so that nonheme iron is absorbed better by your body. Do not have tea, coffee, and cocoa with meals as polyphenols in them inhibit the absorption of nonheme iron by the body. Raisins are an excellent source of various nutrients including calcium, potassium, sodium, protein, fiber and iron. Ash gourd, also called winter melon, white gourd, winter gourd and wax gourd, has been used since ages by Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine to treat various ailments and medical conditions. After half an hour, place the vessel on gas stove and cook it on low flame till the sugar dissolves completely. Once the sugar dissolves, make the flame medium and cook gourds in sugar syrup on this medium flame.
After 7 hours or so, take out the sweetened ash gourd pieces and place them on a strainer so that extra syrup is drained and the sweet becomes dry. While this is an ayurvedic recipe for anemia using ash gourd, you can easily find the fruit in any Chinese store too. Keep the pot covered while simmering the decoction as water will get reduced during the process. If you feel the decoction is too strong, you may add some water and honey too before having it.
Till now you have known that you have to give full attention to your diet to fight off anemia resulting from deficiency of iron, folic acid, B vitamins and some other nutrients. Iron rich foods- like liver, figs, seafood, molasses, beets, brown rice, whole grains, poultry, eggs, grapes, raisins, yams, almonds, and beans. Potassium rich foods- like broccoli, bananas, sunflower seeds, vegetables, whole grains, kiwi, dried fruits. Folic acid rich foods- like fresh green leafy vegetables, mushrooms, lima beans, black-eyed peas, kidney beans. Avoid having coffee, tea, beer, or carbonated drinks like colas with meals otherwise you’ll block the absorption of iron by your body. My Mom has been drinking grape juice mixed with a raw egg yolk every day to build up her blood. Goitrogens are natural substance found in various foods, especially in cruciferous vegetables. Bugleweed (Lycopusvirginica) is a good remedy for hyperthyroidism, especially when your symptoms include shortness of breath, palpitations, and shaking..
Fatty acids are the main components of our cell membranes and also have an important role to play in regulating inflammation through prostaglandins. Precaution: As the relation between soy and hyperthyroidism is not clear and if you are taking thyroid hormone medications, you should consult your doctor before consuming soy products. Gromwell (Lithospermum) is yet another herb from the set of only few herbs that can be beneficial for your overactive thyroid gland. If you take all these measures and use the right home remedies for hyperthyroidism, you will definitely be able to make your overactive thyroid gland function normally soon.
Urinary tract infections and bladder infections are often associated with frequent and painful urination. There are many causes for high blood pressure and many ways to find solutions for high blood pressure. What's Your Herbal Constitution?Take my quiz to find out.It's part of my free Herbal Energetics course.Sign up on my newsletter to get started! Information found on this website is meant for educational purposes only.It is not meant to diagnose medical conditions, to treat any medical conditions or to prescribe medicine.
This is a significant finding, as yeast infections are quick common in women during pregnancy.
Since it is the only drug specifically used to treat yeast infections, doctors are recommending caution in prescribing the drug to pregnant women. Use of this website and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship. Citric acid not only helps shed dead skin cells but also lead to growth of new cells, giving you a brighter skin.
Parsley is a rich source of vitamin C, the vitamin that encourages the production of collagen and helps clear blemishes to give you an even skin tone.
Hummus, which is a food dip or spread made with Garbanzo beans is one of the very good remedies for black age spots on your face. If you don’t know, then you must know that lactic acid is one of the acids that is used in chemical peels to give you a lighter and brighter skin. Tomato juice has excellent bleaching properties and will thus enhance the skin lightening capacities of buttermilk. With all its treasures of Vitamin-C, B-complex, as well as minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and zinc, potatoes are able to stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis. It penetrates the skin easily and give nourishment to your skin from within so that you get rid of all kinds of blemishes, scars and dark spots on your face. Watermelon is known as one of the best dark spot remedies due to its rich sources of moisture, fiber, vitamins A, B and C.

It contains unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins E, B2, B6, PP along with various minerals and phytosterols.
You can use double boiler or just take the oil in a stainless steel bowl and place this bowl in a bigger bowl half full of hot water. Circumin is the active ingredient of turmeric which gives the herb spice its fine antioxidant properties.
This enzyme lends the fruit its excellent properties to exfoliate skin and slough off the dead skin cells.
Aloe vera has anti-septic, analgesic and skin soothing properties along with excellent moisturizing capabilities.
If you have an acne prone skin and suffer from dark spots due to this problem, oatmeal becomes all the more important for you. You can find her running, sweating in hot yoga, cooking in the kitchen, dining out, or exploring. However, anemia can be an indication of some serious illnesses and that’s a very bad news.
Blackstrap molasses not only contain high levels of iron but also folate which is a natural source of folic acid. This dark green leafy vegetable is high on Vitamins A, B9, E and C, iron, fiber, calcium and beta carotene. Apart from various other beneficial components, parsley is very high on iron and folic acid. Pour hot water over parsley leaves, steep for a couple of minutes, if required add a tsp of honey and have this herbal tea twice or thrice a day. Our body absorbs this dietary iron better than the non heme iron which we get from plant based foods.
Rich in minerals and vitamins like calcium, iron, phosphorus, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin C, ash gourd is used as a sweet for curing weakness due to anemia. Certain fruits and vegetables are excellent to increase the amount of iron and folic acid in our blood. Although iron content in yellow dock root herb is not too much, what is important is its ability to increase mineral absorption by your body. Along with a balanced diet, you can use herbs and other plant portions to treat your anemia. Its main function is to regulate body metabolism by secreting the hormones T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4 (thyroxine). It has been used traditionally for curing nervousness, migraine headaches, hypertension and hyperthyroidism. It doesn’t directly works on thyroid gland or hormones but helps bring balance by alleviating symptoms related to hyperactive thyroid such as heart palpitations, anxiety, sleeplessness and sometimes depressed appetite too.
Prostaglandins are like hormones with many important functions in our body including cell growth. One of the view expresses that soy products that are a rich source of proteins and isoflavones, may suppress thyroid functions.
Insomnia is one of the common symptom of hyperthyroidism and if you have an overactive thyroid gland, you may find it difficult to fall asleep or have a deep sleep. If you are taking anti-anxiety or anti-depression medicines, don’t have this herb or consult with your doctor.
You need to take extra care of your diet and certain habits so that you may be able to regulate the functioning of this very important gland.
Meat, eggs, and vegetables that have been treated with hormone supplements may affect your body’s capability to synthesize hormones including thyroid hormone as well as fight off various infections.
Up to 75 percent of women will suffer from a yeast infection at least once during their lives. The study showed that women treated with the drug, experience miscarriage more often than women not treated with it.
Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others. This alleviates the problems of age spots along with acne scars, wrinkles and uneven tone and texture of your skin. Garbanzo beans flour also known as chickpea or gram flour, is extensively used in Middle Eastern and Indian cooking. Lactic acid helps slough off the dead skin cells helping you to reduce the spots on your face.
These nutrients help you get an even toned skin complexion and helps a lot in removing blemishes and black spots. Antioxidants can protect your skin and other body cells from getting damaged by the free radicals formed due to oxidative stress. It is just a miraculous herb that can reduce skin pigmentation, sun tan, skin rash, premature aging, acne and pimples, dry flaky skin, dark black spots, pimple marks, acne scars and any other blemishes that you may have on your skin. Some people mix apple cider vinegar with onion juice to make it all the more effective for black spots.
It absorbs oil from form your skin along with exfoliating the skin to shed dead skin cells. Eating Food-Mostly Plants, and improving our relationship with food, is the secret to lifelong health in her eyes. So, you need to check first with your doctor and ensure that you don’t have hemolytic anemia, sickle cell anemia or sideroblastic anemia. Just half a cup of boiled spinach has 3.2 mg of iron which is about 20% of daily iron requirement for a woman!
A 100 g of parsley contains 5.5 mg of iron which means half a cup of fresh parsley or 1 tablespoon of this dried herb can meet 10% of your body’s daily requirement of iron! This is specially good for people who are lactose intolerant and cannot have milk or milk products.
We have talked about beetroot, apples, dates, raisins, ash gourds and other such veggies and fruits. This means, by itself yellow dock root cannot cure anemia but when used with other herbs rich in iron and other required nutrients, this herb can do wonders by absorbing the minerals in an excellent way.
Lithospermic acid present in bugleweed decreases the levels of some hormones including the thyroid hormone thyroxine (T3).
Some in vitro studies have shown lemon balm to block hormone receptors that stimulate thyroid. This herb can be thought of as a natural beta blocker which helps with such conditions as high heart rate and palpitations. Inflammation has to be regulated properly if the autoimmune conditions like Graves’ Disease has to be kept in check. What you also need to know is that the more omega-3 you have, the less omega-6 will be there to affect your tissues to produce inflammation. Some experts even say that one of the soy isoflavones, genistein, is more effective than some hyperthyroidism medications when it comes to inhibiting thyroid function. Medical herbalists often use passionflower for hyperthyroid patients to alleviate their physical and mental symptoms like insomnia, irritability, confusion, and hand tremors.
A general deficiency of B12 has been recorded in hyperthyroid patients though no known reasons have been mentioned by anyone for this. Its vitamins C and A provides antioxidants to protect your skin from the damage caused by free radicals. Why not use cheap and natural buttermilk rather than expensive chemical peel to get rid of black spots then! In fact, potato juice is one of the best remedies for dark spots due to its skin lightening properties.
But what is more important for pigmentation due to which you get black spots, is the presence of vitamin C in this oil. Papain enzyme also works to inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase used by pigment-producing skin cells use to create melanin that gives you black spots.
You may either directly apply pure aloe gel on your spots or make one of the below masks to get rid of the ugly black spots on your face.

These types of anemia occur due to malfunctioning of your body which can be treated through proper medical intervention only. So, if you plan to have beets, you may cook it in a microwave oven or just roast it on gas stove with its peel still on it.
It is enriched as well as minerals like potassium and copper other than a host of vitamins.
Organ meat like liver, is a powerhouse of iron which is the most important nutrient that your body needs when suffering from anemia. When this thyroid gland becomes overactive, it begins secreting excessive amounts of T3 and T4. They may inhibit your body’s ability to use iodine or stop the process through which iodine becomes thyroid hormones. This acid also prevents antibodies from binding to the cells in your overactive thyroid gland. If you lack these fatty acids, it becomes difficult to make your thyroid gland normal again. If you have a diet which includes more omega-6 than omega-3, it will increase inflammation. One of the studies conducted on animals has shown that a moderate consumption of soy sterols may lower the intensity of hyperthyroidism but its high doses may have the opposite effect. The autoantibodies that tend to bind to the TSH are also kept under check by gromwell herb. You may like to have passion flower tea to alleviate your symptoms related to overactive thyroid gland.
To see whether you can tolerate this acid, test with some lemon juice in your inner elbow skin. It helps remove dead skin from your face and even out its tone removing any marks and giving you a lightened skin. Many natural enzymes, sugars and starches of potatoes along with its vitamin C, exfoliate your skin to slough off the dead cells and thus diminishing the black spots.
Rosehip oil is also an excellent emollient and moisturizer which gives you soft, smooth, and hydrated skin.
You may also mix rosehip oil with some carrier oil such as almond or jojoba oil and then apply this to your face.
If everything is all right but you are still diagnosed with anemia, it is due to nutritional deficiency. What is important is that even people suffering from diabetes can have this due to its low glycemic index. However, never forget to boil spinach,even if for a minute because spinach also has oxalic acid in it which interferes with the absorption of iron by body.
If you lose weight quickly and without any reason, experience excessive sweating, feel a fast heartbeat or become nervous and moody, you may have an overactive thyroid. Deficiency of fatty acids will lead to inflammation which can further trigger the autoimmune response and thus release thyroid antibodies. And to remind you, inflammation needs to be regulated well to avoid triggers of Graves disease. Gamma-aminobutyric acid is a neurotransmitter or a chemical used by your nervous system to send messages to brain and cause nerves to calm down. However, this vitamin is found naturally in animal products only like shellfish, beef liver, mackerel fish, crab, red meet and eggs but certain fortified cereals and soy products like tofu may contain synthetic forms of Vitamin B12. It has been reported that women with yeast infections during delivery can pass the infection to the baby. If its all right even after 8-12 hours, go ahead with this remedy to get rid of black spots on your face. In fact, parsley will contain acne outbreaks too due to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. To use this remedy for black spots on face, you first need to make the basic hummus and then mix it with some other ingredients that help remove dark spots. While you can always have an apple or two in a day, when you mix with beet with apple, your chances of fighting off anemia doubles up.
While you can always cover your waffles, pancakes or any other food with molasses, here is a fine home remedy to follow everyday.
Liver can provide you anywhere between 16 to 85 percent of your daily iron requirement depending upon what liver you are eating- calf, pork or chicken. However, you need to have balanced vegetarian diet if you intend to source your iron from plant based foods because heme iron which you get from animals can be absorbed well by your body without depending upon other dietary factors. However, because it is a tough task to dry out the gourd completely, here is another way to use ash gourd for treating anemia.
To begin with, about 1000 mg of vitamin C can be taken but it is always recommended to talk to your doctor before having high doses of any nutritional supplements. Sometimes, dark spots are due to some blood vessel deformities under the skin where these black spots appear on your face. So, let’s first get the recipe of basic hummus and then other remedies using this hummus to get rid of black facial spots. You should understand that your red blood cells count has gone really low and they can’t now carry enough oxygen to your body parts. While Omega 6 is also essential for various body functions, they need to be balanced with enough Omega 3 fatty acids.
May be you can have a little of soy products such as 1 ounce of soybean over a period of 2-3 months or a very little amount of tofu or soy milk. However, excessive sun exposure seems to be the biggest reason behind dark black spots on face. Lemon juice will enhance the skin lightening properties of the mask and honey will give moisturizing and soothing effect to your skin. Your hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to your various body parts, may also have reduced to such levels that may pose risk to your health. This is particularly beneficial for vegetarians who cannot get some first rated nutrients sourced from animals.
Sometimes, it is also caused by a swollen thyroid (goiter) or small growths in the thyroid gland known as thyroid nodules. Sun exposure can give you age spots, also known as liver spots, by damaging the pigment-producing melanocytes in your skin and leading to its higher production. Therefore, you need to supply essential nutrients to your body so as to treat this nutritional deficiency anemia.
Liver is also a very good source of B vitamins, especially B12 as well as copper, phosphorus and zinc.
Whatever may be the cause, if you leave your hyperthyroidism untreated, it can lead to heart and bone problems and sometimes to a condition called thyroid storm or thyrotoxic crisis. The good news is that you can get rid of black spots on your face caused by such reasons other than hormones and blood vessel deformities! However, it is also important to eat organ meats of those animals which are raised on fresh pastures and are not treated with hormones, antibiotics and commercial feed. While there are many skin cosmetics such as hydroquinone cream, tretinoin cream and azelaic acid cream as well as various skin treatments like chemical peels and intense pulsed light therapy, we are going to talk about the all natural ways to get rid of these black spots on your face.
So, if you eat non vegetarian foods, you should include eating liver to increase iron content in your blood and to get rid of anemia. However, if you survive on vegetarian foods only, there are many more options like legumes which we discuss next.

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