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First, when you consume garlic, the sulphuric compounds, entering in your mouth immediately make your breath smell bad. Yet another natural ingredient that helps in cutting down garlic breath is none other than “mustard”.
Believe it or not, during a research done in the year 2010, it was proved that drinking milk helped in reducing garlic odor from a person’s breath. Many people have claimed that chewing some coffee beans for a while and later spitting them out helps in reducing garlic breath. Many researchers have proved that consuming yogurt (6 ounces) greatly helps in reducing hydrogen sulfide and bad bacteria in the mouth (which are also the primary causes for bad breath).
Though there are many methods for reducing or covering up garlic breath, the only way to avoid it altogether is to not eat foods with garlic in them. There are also pills that claim to be able to reduce garlic breath; however, they vary in terms of effectiveness. Garlic breath is caused by a substance called allyl methyl sulfide, which is produced when garlic is broken down in the body. The only way to totally avoid garlic breath is to avoid eating any foods with that particular ingredient in them. I eat lots of garlic, but the truth is, I do not like the smell of someone else who eats garlic.
The benefits of eating row garlic are so fantastic for your health that I do not care about the smell.
I also have a problem with not being able to get rid of the taste of raw garlic and raw onion. And I'm not talking about someone munching on a whole clove of garlic and breathing in someone's face.
So, I just can't understand people's high sensitivity to a mild smell after eating even slightly garlicky food. I have conservative business friends who also love garlic, yet won't touch it, and to be honest I eat very little garlic now, and never if I will be seeing anyone I don't know well. I love garlic and eat it often because of all the benefits everyone here has been talking about. I just read in a magazine that drinking milk (preferably whole milk) after eating garlic will eliminate bad breath. I intend on trying this out as soon as possible. Just polished off hummus made two days ago with mucho garlic and my cat won't come near me. Garlic is a very important ingredient in Middle- eastern and Asian cuisine.When it comes to taste and flavor there is no substitute for garlic. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. All these species produce a chemical compound known as “Cysteine sulfoxide”, which is claimed to give them their distinctive taste and odor. These odorous (or smelling) compounds stay in the mouth until you brush, scrape, floss or flush out. A compound named “AMS (Allyl methyl Sulfide), coming from lungs, makes your breath to smell like garlic. So, we recommend you to add few apples or lemon juice when consuming delicious garlic dips or salads with garlic dressing. The citric acid present in lemon juice helps in neutralizing alliinase (enzyme produced when garlic is crushed and which further gives unpleasant odors).
Just like the enzymes present in apples, even polyphenols help in covering up the smelly compounds in garlic.

If you are someone, who is eating a lot of onion or garlic from your meals, then it would be wise to follow-up with the vegetables we have listed above. WaterPik: This is very effective in eliminating garlic compounds in between the gaps of your teeth.
Drink Fluids: Lemonade, water, green tea, fruit juices are helpful in washing off the pungent smell from your mouth.
Brush Your Teeth: If you are someone, who frequently consumes onion or garlic, it is smart to spend few dollars on a portable toothpaste and a toothbrush because brushing is one of the surefire ways to clear odor from your mouth. If you have better solutions, which you feel we have missed writing here, please share them in the comment section. Eating mints or chewing gum can help cover up the odor, but they won't really reduce it, since the smell is actually caused by a byproduct of garlic which is produced when it is digested and absorbed into the bloodstream.
One of the most effective ones is milk, which contains fats that neutralize allyl methyl sulfide. The smell lasts for a long time because the allyl methyl sulfide is absorbed into the bloodstream. This includes things that have spice mixtures made with garlic, like salt mixtures and curry powder.
I eat one row clove per day, and cooked in all my meals, even though as you know, when cooked, it loses most of its fantastic benefits. I don't have a problem with cooked garlic and cooked onion - at least not as far as I know. And I certainly do find the "sausage smell" (what garlic seems to remind me on on someone's breath and skin), coming out of people's pores unpleasant, especially when someone is not very clean. A little is OK, but if you will be with people the next day or two, a lot is both rude and a bad idea.
But I work in a high fashion retail concession and my manager always smells it on me whenever I've had it the night before. Well, like one of the people above I add it to the evening meal, or even if friends come over then we all smell the same, and ultimately neither of us smell the garlic breath. I will make dinner with lots of garlic so when the family comes home they won't be able to tell if it's me or dinner.
Taste apart, garlic has beneficial medicinal properties, which have been listed in the previous comments. I wish it would be acceptable in society, but since it isn't I hide the garlic lick beside my bed when I have new company over. Watch and learn how salted water helps a toothache, baking soda helps an upset stomach and lemon honey can help a sore throat.
Moreover, it is well known for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and few toxin-eliminating properties.
Therefore, clean your tongue regularly using a toothbrush or tongue cleaner after each meal. The most effective ways for reducing garlic breath are consuming milk and brushing your teeth. Since the body can't absorb this, it is released over the course of a few days in sweat and in breath, which is why the odor can last for several days.
I think I have a worse problem than others because I don't know anyone who has this problem.
But one has to eat an awful lot of garlic -- usually repeatedly and usually raw -- for it to really leach out of their pores in the way some people go on about it.
It does not just take the form of garlic breath; it is seeping from your pores and lungs (as noted earlier) and forming a cloud around you.

The after effects of eating garlic are so offensive, only a person who has been at the receiving end can know. If you talk to people with something reeking out of your mouth, you are hardly considering how they might feel about it. But wild leeks pack a powerful punch (their taste is something akin to a garlic-onion hybrid), and that leaves us with less-than-desirable breath. This is the reason why health-conscious people and even chefs around the globe prefer this ingredient. Foods that contain polyphenols, like apples, spinach, and green tea can also help neutralize odors. Most of these have a specialized coating which keeps the supplement from being broken down until it reaches the stomach or intestines. Besides the chemical component, garlic bits stuck between the teeth or in the mouth can also cause lasting odor. I can brush and floss and brush again and scrape my tongue and use a neti pot (just to be sure to clean out the back of my throat) and a few minutes later the awful taste is back.
I can smell a garlic eater from across the room (they don't have to be sweating for me to smell them). It's such a shame that I can't even enjoy a food I so thoroughly enjoy because of stupid work.
We put out the call to our readers on Facebook and Twitter—how can we get rid of our ramp breath? Besides being tasty, you cannot deny the fact that garlic breath has plagued us since we began digging those bulbs from ground. You can clean it by adding a bit of toothpaste to your brush and working on your tongue from back to front, thereby removing some of the odor.
You may also be able to reduce odors by eating parsley, mint, anise seeds, cardamom, cloves, and fennel work in the same manner. Though this can keep you from having bad breath immediately after taking them, you might still get an odor afterwards when the supplement breaks down.
I hate depriving myself of such a miracle food and yet now I have to because she can smell it on me the next day.
Though garlic’s sulphuric compounds give us great flavor and health benefits, it leaves a very unpleasant odor after consumed, which is also popularly called “Garlic Breath”. But, there are few tricks that can neutralize the smell and at the same time give your mouth a refreshing feel. However, if you have not used parsley in your dish, try chewing some after you have consumed garlic. Well, I know it helps to fight infections naturally so all the more reason for me to use it. Today, we will tell you why garlic makes your mouth stink and how to get rid of garlic breath. Even though you brush many times, the odor still stays when you breathe (this is because it directly comes from your lungs). Chewing gum or mint or coriander leaves does not help because the foul odor is coming from your lungs with your every breath.

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