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Discover the best news stories shared by your friends on Facebook and Twitter without being overwhelmed or missing anything. The same properties that cause oxidation in fruits turning their skin brown when bitten into also fight off onion and garlic breath. Particular vegetables are very effective in fighting the compounds found in onions and garlic, including spinach, lettuce and potatoes.
Basil and parsley, in particular, are two of the more effective herbal antidotes to onion and garlic breath.
A deficiency in carbohydrates can contribute to bad breath, as well as have other side-effects on your health. Onion and garlic are delicious ingredients that can greatly enhance a dish, but their taste comes at the cost of your breath.
Then take another half-teaspoon and swallow; this will go down to the stomach and kill the smell throughout your body. Although garlic is considered a healthy and vitamin-rich food to eat, we cannot deny that it tends to produce a foul smell that can harm not only your social life but most importantly, your love life as well.
Instead of chewing mint-flavoured gum to keep your breath fresh, it is best to chew on mint leaves.

Having a cup of powdered tea after munching on garlic can neutralize the odour of the condiment.
If you plan to cook food, you must do your best to procure fresh garlic and onion instead of the powdered substitute.
Brush and then floss your teeth thoroughly after having foods containing onions and garlic . Take a teaspoon of mustard and swish it around your mouth for a minute before spitting it out. After chopping garlic, you may notice that you still have the odor of it on your hands - up to hours after.
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Never fear; read this article to learn instant strategies for removing any evidence that you indulged in these ingredients. If you're eating a meal with lots of garlic or onion, it would be smart to follow-up with these vegetables in the same meal. Bad breath is mainly caused by the gases that chewing food, particularly garlic and onions produce.

Eating fruits and vegetables will produce a citrus-like small for your breath as opposed to the foul smell that meat and garlic would bring to your mouth. If you do these tips in conjunction with the five tips mentioned above, you will certainly never have bad breath again. This will remove any garlic or onion particles stuck in your teeth and will help kill bacteria associated with bad breath.
For its awesome benefits, including everything from the treatment of athlete’s foot to reducing the risk of certain types of cancer, you would probably want to have a clove of it daily.
Your only issue now is the thought of the annoying breathe you’ll have to move around with for the rest of your day, right?

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