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Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! I am now wondering if this is what could be causing my pain all along or could it be something else. I am experiencing the same exact pain its like between my ribs and a shooting pain in my back I am just 10 days post surgery but it really almost feels the exact way. I have been having extreme unbelievable pain in my Liver which radiates to my back, neck, rotator cuff and abdoman ever since my Gall Bladder removal two weeks ago. When I say Liverpain, for me it has been to an extent that I didn't know you could hurt this bad and still live through it.
Please let us know if any others of you out there have the same things and are taking this drug.
I have had eating issues for over 4 years and have experienced vomitting daily and also another problem with pain especially in my right rib cage area. Another time I started getting VERY bad IBS symptoms with vomiting, which went on for quite a while.
Well Since Mine Has Been Removed Back In October 2007 I Have Had Nothing But Severe Upper Abdominal Pain.
After being into the ER where even two shots of morphine wouldn't kill the pain only Dilaudid would work.
I have been have sharp pains and Im afraid to go to the doctor be I afraid that they will tell me the same thing they have been tell everyone else.

There is no redness or pain at the incisions but not knowing exactly what they did while inside worries me that there maybe infection or something else. It feels just like when I had my attacks but with the attacks I was able to take meds to get rid of the pain not with this though. If you arte taking this or similar meds, do your own journals and see if I'm correct for you also.
The problem is that you either have the pain or the unbelievable withdrawal effects from the drugs. They had absolutely no idea how that could occur (it was similar to when they pump the abdomen full of some gas for laproscopic surgery). I also have severe nausea at times that phenegren isn't helping nor the various other stomach meds they put me on before they decided it was my gall bladder. I can handle the withdrawals any day over the pain I have been having, it is so painful I truely didn't know I could hurt that intensely and live through it. I literally will wake my boyfriend up and he takes it so seriously that he will jump up and go buy me a carbonated drink, if there is nothing in the house.

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