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The allergy from pollen is a common problem and if you have ever gone through it you would know that it feels just like you have got the flu. Pollen allergy or hay fever as it is commonly called or seasonal allergic rhinitis is a condition that arises due to the pollen in the atmosphere. Keep your house pollen freeby not letting your dogs or cats who stay outdoors sit on the bed or sofa.
At the end of the day when you come back home, first freshen up with a shower and wash your hair before you sit on the bed or other places with upholstery that could catch the pollen.

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It gets more pronounced during certain particular seasons when pollination occurs or during early mornings when the atmosphere has more pollen count.
Pollen grains are so small and so many in the atmosphere, that to save ourselves from it is a humungous task.
Do not use fans or windows to cool yourself as that means you are vulnerable to pollen attack.

Therefore, the best you can do to save yourself from the allergy striking you is to take some steps to make the pollen around you to a minimum.

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