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With that, it can be surprisingly simple to get rid of puffy eyes (for example, an antihistamine and cold compress can cure puffy eyes from allergies), or it can be nearly impossible -- like when it comes to getting rid of under-eye bags that you inherited.
Here, we've rounded up some of the best ways to get rid of puffy eyes -- whether you're dealing with aging-related under-eye bags or post-tear jerker swelling.
Use eye drops, such as Visine's lubricated Tired Eye Relief Eye Drops, $8.99, to keep over-worked eyes from feeling fatigued.
Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that removes extra fatty tissue and excessive skin from upper and lower eyelids and tightens skin and muscles to reduce puffiness and wrinkles.
Another option is a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser treatment to resurface the skin, which strengthens and thickens skin so the fat pad is less prevalent. Parsley has a soothing effect and is a natural method to decrease the puffiness associated with bags. Black or green tea, chamomile tea or sage broth are highly effective for home treatment of bags.
A soothing mixture of equal parts of rosewater and witch hazel is an effective home remedy to eliminate the puffy appearance from eye bags.
Chill a metal spoon in the refrigerator and apply over the eyes and swollen area with gentle pressure.
Practicing facial exercises will help to tone and improve the overall appearance of the face. There are many who struggle to get those lovely pair of eyes with no under eye puffiness and dark circles under their eyes. A product like Facelift Gym must be used to get rid of under eye dark circles and under eyes puffiness. Your Natural Solution To Eliminate The Dark Circles And Bags Under Your Eyes - Without Creams Or An Operation.
Bags under the eyes have an annoying habit of making their way into our lives when we least need them: in the morning. You’ve often seed this in scary movies, but cucumber slices applied for 15 minutes on each eye may have better outcomes than you’ve ever thought. Not the Chemical Brothers, just all those synthetic chemical creams and products loaded with parabens and other toxic compounds you use on your skin every day. And if you’ve in a hurry and don’t have the 15 minutes for the tea bag treatment and you are left without your cucumbers supplies, then simply apply a good ol’ concealer just for now.
They can express what we're really thinking, or simply reveal that we're short on the shut-eye. After all, many of the most effective puffy eye cures stem from common sense: Eat right, get lots of sleep, keep hydrated.
Likewise, for hereditary pigmentation, such as under-eye circles, ask your dermatologist about CO2 laser resurfacing, which has been shown to lighten skin. Then there's the Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Eye Cream, $70, which contains vitamin C and caffeine.

This natural remedy is known for the ability to reduce the appearance of dark or discolored skin spots.
Applying fresh slices for ten minutes is an effective way to reduce both bags and the dark color that goes along with puffiness. Splashing cold water on the face several times a day will help the body carry away the excess fluid. Simply place frozen tea bags over closed eyes for about 15 minutes to decrease swelling and improve your appearance. Witch hazel will tone and tighten the skin and is used to treat a variety of health concerns. While in a seated position, place the cool washcloth over the eye region and apply mild pressure over the eye bags. Laser resurfacing and chemical skin peels are two methods to improve skin tone and tighten the skin. Dermatologists and cosmetically trained physicians can inject filling substances to reduce the appearance of eye bags. The major reasons for under eye dark circles, and puffiness could be hereditary, lack of balanced diet, lack of exercises, lack of proper and sufficient sleep, stress, crying, fluid retention, allergies, and much more.
As people have lost hope and trust on these under eye treatment creams and gels, there must be some other solution for people who suffer with under eyes puffiness and under eyes dark circles. It is such an easy process where you use Facelift Gym for 10-15 minutes 2-3 times a week and slowly get rid if the dark circles and puffiness. You can use frozen tea bags or frozen cucumber slices that need to go directly on those dreadful puffs. Just give them a break for today, because they will do more harm than good to the bags under your eyes. This isn’t what we would call a long term remedy, it’s merely just a way to handle the situation for the moment. And today there are all kinds of high-tech eye creams containing active ingredients that actually help reduce puffy eye inflammation, and others that can even render them invisible. The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology estimates that 50 million people in the US have seasonal allergies -- that's 30 percent of all adults.
Unfortunately topical creams won't do much to get rid of bags under your eyes, but you do have a few choices for a long-term fix. Healthy fatty tissue that ordinarily protects the eye inside the bony eye socket can begin to move into the lower eyelids, causing them to appear puffy says Day.
Sleeping on your back also allows fluid to accumulate below the eyes making them appear swollen and puffy.
Give yourself a gentle facial or eye massage to improve circulation and stimulate your body’s natural healing powers. A diet rich in leafy green vegetables is a critical element for skin and also overall health.

Quitting smoking will provide a dramatic improvement in the overall appearance of the skin.
A plastic or cosmetic surgeon will cut below the eyelashes or lower eyelid to perform the procedure.
Unfortunately these treatments only last about eight months and are generally very expensive. These swollen bags under the eyes will make you embarrassed and makes you lose confidence though it is not harmful medically.
However, the real causes of the bags under your eyes will help you get rid of them and even prevent them from ever happening again. Top of the list dangerous skin chemicals are perfumes like cinnamyl alcohol or cinnamaldehyde and propylene glycol. However, if you carry these unwanted bags under your eye more often than you carry shopping bags in the mall, go for the 4 steps above and handle this with professionalism, care and loads of patience. Puffy eyes can be a sign of aging, or simply a side-effect from watching "The Notebook" again (sob). Fluid retention, eating a salty diet, hereditary factors and insufficient sleep also causes eye bags to appear. The combination of Botox and fillers is highly effective in temporarily eliminating the appearance of eye bags, wrinkles and skin creases.
However Facelift Gym helps you to overcome puffiness under eyes and dark circles, it is advisable to take a diet which is high in increasing your collagen level in the body along with minerals and vitamins.
Specialists say that bags under the eyes come with aging in most cases, but they can also have a hereditary cause and of course, be due to your lifestyle.
The first step in fighting and preventing them is to make sure you drink plenty of water to flush the salt retention that helped the bags get there.
Ask your doctor about antihistamine eye drops, specially formulated to treat eye-itching due to allergies. Vitamin K and the antioxidants found in natural foods help to reduce the occurrence of eye bags.
Many men and women suffer with under eye puffiness at a very early age these days because of various reasons.
It is possible only with product like Facelift Gym which helps in eliminating dark circles and under ye bags with no creams and no operations.
Facelift Gym is a product that comes with vibrating pads that sends electrical impulses to the muscles under the eyes, that also circulates the blood under the eyes. This vibration also tightens the skin under the eyes thus helping you look much younger and confident.

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