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A keloid scar forms when fibroblasts (one of the types of cells involved in the healing of wounds) are too stupid to know when to stop laying down collagen.
While a keloid is most likely to show up on places of the body like the ears, chest, shoulders, and neck, they’re really not all that picky and can show up virtually anywhere. Although hypertrophic scars are often mistaken for keloid scars (both can be red or pink, fleshy, and lumpy), the differences are quite substantial. Perhaps the worst thing about the keloid scar treatment methods mentioned above (besides the invasiveness of the procedures) is the fact that it is quite possible that even after going through all the pain and hassle of getting rid of a keloid scar, it could come back. Acne (Acne Vaulgaris) is an extremely common inflammatory skin disease that tends to affect most people in their adolescent years.
While Acne is a definite eyesore; it is not considered a serious health problem and it generally clears out with increasing age.
While the above mentioned techniques can be successfully utilized as solutions to how to get rid of acne scars, it is much easier and manageable to avoid scarring by promptly treating Acne outbreaks whenever they occur. Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for the well detailed post on the different type of acne scars, now… to time get rid of mine! These scars are caused by the person’s body trying to remove the inflammation caused by an acne pimple. These scars are also called as wavy scars or wave like scars as they look like waves on the skin. In this method certain chemicals are used to peel off or remove the superficial or uppermost layers of your skin. Apply some natural face masks like the Aloe vera gel or cucumber juice to your face over the pimple scars. If you think that the site of piercing is swollen, red or itchy, then remove any jewelry that you are wearing. If you think that your piercing site is still problematic, visit your doctor immediately to get the proper treatment.
Do not go under direct sunlight as it might aggravate the formation of scar over your piercing site.
Keloid scars also tend to run in families and they are more common in the people of African descent. In this method some steroids like cortisone or triamcinolone are injected into the keloid scar.
In order to know how to get rid of scars from acne, we need to know about the types of acne scars at first. But if the swelling increases more in size, the accumulation of substances can extend up to the dermis.
Do not try to pick the pimples with your nails as it will worsen your acne and lead to scar formation.
Apply acne creams or any other acne products when the problem and less severe and treat it in its early stages to prevent scar formation. Now that we have known the the ways to prevent acne scars, let us talk about how to get rid of scars from acne. Let us talk about how to get rid of scars from acne.There are many different ways to get rid of scars from acne.
This method also involves the removal of the top layers of the skin just like chemical peeling.
In this method, the laser radiation or the light emitted from a laser device is passed over the scar.
There are different kinds of acne scar creams available in the market to help you get rid of acne scars like Pronexin, Proactive, Acnevva, etc.
So by now you must have got a very good idea about how to get rid of scars from acne, right. A keloid scar is one in which there is overgrowth of thick fibrous tissue, which develops over the wound to protect and heal it.
These scars commonly appear on your nose, ear, chest, arm or any other place where your skin suffered trauma. Normally regarded as the miracle plant, aloe vera can do wonders for more health issues than you can imagine.
Lavender oil is extremely beneficial for keloid treatment as it not only helps reduce the scar, but it also prevents its future recurrence. Due to its healing properties, apple cider vinegar is a common constituent of many natural remedies. Keloid can also be treated with lemons because these fruits are abundant in nutrients that work wonders for your overall health, including your skin health. Sandalwood, especially when combined with rose water, black gram or even both, is another amazing all-natural alternative for keloid scar treatment. Except for lavender oil, tea tree oil can also work wonders for keloid scars as well as other skin conditions due to its antiseptic properties. Its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties make garlic a common ingredient in a number of homemade remedies. The antifungal properties in honey make it an ideal tool for healing your keloids and regenerating your skin. The antibacterial properties onions are abundant in prevent the keloid scar from spreading, remove it and prevent its recurrence. Although aspirin is not the exact home remedy found in your refrigerator or pantry, many analyses promote aspirin as an efficient treatment for keloid scars. Killer of Obesity – 1 Teaspoon Per Day Of This Spice And You Can Lose Up To 15 kg In 3 Months!

Usually they rear their ugly heads at the sites of burns, scratches, lacerations, pimples, chicken pox, piercings, surgical scars, or basically any other type of wound you can imagine. Hypertrophic scars are far more common and, while looking similar to a keloid, do not get nearly as large and don’t grow outside the lines of the original scar as a keloid does. This method for getting rid of a keloid scar is exactly what it sounds like: slice and dice. In the spirit of sticking with the Austin Powers motif, I feel I have to mention frickin’ laser beams. Due to the very small but very scary risk of trading a keloid scar for a nice little batch of cancer, this treatment is highly controversial. This method requires nothing more than your fingers and is most commonly recommended for an acne keloid or an ear keloid. Although it is yet another one of the keloid treatments that has a tendency to take quite some time before a difference is noticed, many people have sworn by it. They are so named as they form very narrow incisions into the upper level of the skin; similar to a small ice-pick wound. This abrasive action generally leads to the formation of an entirely new layer of skin in the affected area, thereby removing the Acne scars present. This is done by inserting a sharp needle with an upward pointing tip at a distance of 1-2 cm from the scar. The highly focused laser destroys the scarred area one layer at a time; leaving fresh skin in its wake. You might also want to first try home remedies for acne scars which would be a good way to get rid of acne scars naturally.
They produce a substance called sebum which is necessary to moisturize our skin and keep it soft. Two types of lasers are being used for treating pimple scars like carbon dioxide laser and Nd-Yag laser. Then the skin cells below this layer will divide and replace the lost scar cells with new healthy and good looking cells. This vitamin will supply nutrition to your skin and will help it to get rid of those pimple scars easily. This will prevent accumulation of waste products in your skin which will irritate the skin. In case you can’t find freshly made Aloe vera gel, you can use some gels which are sold by some popular brands in the market.
But be aware of the risks associated with it before you opt for this method of piercing scars removal. Apply some antibiotic cream over the piercing area and leave it for few days without wearing any jewelry.
Keloid scars are the scars which are produced due to the overgrowth the cells in the injury site. Then the scar will be removed and it will be replaced with new skin cells that are formed due to division of the surrounding cells. As we already discussed, scarring occurs as a natural mechanism of healing any injury over the skin.
If the damage occurs only to the top most layers, then the skin will heal without much scarring.
If the pimple breaks due to increased size, the skin will try to repair it leading to acne scars. This helps to remove the scar cells, so that new skin cells can form in their place and we can get rid of scars.
Then the frozen skin cells will fall off and new skin cells will be produced in their place. If you suffered from acne problems as a teenager or had a serious surgery, untreated burns or chickenpox, there is a chance that you ended up with keloid scars. This excessive scar tissue generally forms after the injury has healed and outspreads the initial wound. Possible treatments of keloids include laser therapy or steroid injection, both of which are quite costly procedures.
It can also be used for keloid scar treatment – if the scar is fresh, thin some apple cider vinegar with water before applying; otherwise use it directly. If you want to remove keloids, mix some baking soda with either a little hydrogen peroxide or honey to make a consistent paste.
Lemon juice is especially beneficial, so squeeze a lemon and apply the juice directly on the keloid. Make a paste using an equal amount of each ingredient and apply it directly on the keloid scar. Rub teat tree oil directly on the keloids for a few minutes and then wash it off with water. It may be time-consuming, but this home remedy can be highly beneficial for your skin, especially if used every day. Besides the fact that keloids can get quite large and bulbous, they also have a tendency to be tender, itchy, and sometimes cause intermittent sharp pains.
It’s kind of a scary option, but if the keloid scar or scars are large enough, it may be preferable. In radiotherapy, an electron beam is used to blast all the leftovers after a keloid is removed through excision. I’ve read lots of success stories from people who have used tea tree oil to get rid of an ear keloid.

Differences are sometimes seen within several weeks, but it often takes months or, in some cases, up to a year before noticeable differences are seen. The bacterium “Propionibacterium acnes” has been identified as the major cause of Acne but various other causative factors exist, viz. These scars deform the face and can lead to a lot of very serious psychological problems like low self-worth, loss of confidence and even depression so as you can imagine their are many people who want to remove acne scars. On the other hand, the base of the scar is elevated in Punch Elevation, making the skin look much more leveled and fine. Two types of lasers; the Erbium laser and the Carbon Dioxide laser, are generally used for this purpose.
These fruits have anti-oxidants which will help your skin to function effectively and get rid of pimple scars well. In this method, steroids like triamcinolone are injections intra lesionally that is into the keloid scar. They need to be used regularly for some days and they have good effect over the scar removal.
These injections do not have many side effects like the systemic steroids as they are being given locally. But if the hyperpigmentation does not disappear after 7 to 8 months, then it can be considered as acne scar.
When the skin cells are lost or damaged anywhere, the skin cells in the surroundings divide and try to compensate for the loss of the skin cells. This type of chemical peeling can be of many types depending on the depth until which the peeling is done like superficial chemical peels, moderate and deep chemical peels. Another option to reduce scarring is application of keloidal cream (Mederma, for instance), although this does not always give the desired results. Clean the area on your skin that’s affected with the keloid and apply the gel from an aloe vera leaf. It’s best to do this before going to bed at night, so you can let the remedy act for a few hours.
The antibacterial properties will clean the scars, so leave the garlic to act for about ten minutes or more. Simply apply some honey on your keloid scar and you’ll be able to see the desired results in a few weeks.
The two types of lasers generally used for acne scars are fractional CO2 lasers and Er:YAG lasers with the latter of the two being less invasive. The use of post-op electron beam radiation helps to lessen the chances of keloid recurrence and could .
For an ear keloid, wearing clip on earrings will often be enough to make the keloid disappear. You might be interested in these other articles on this topic such as how to get rid of pimples fast and how to prevent acne. When excess of sebum is produced, bacteria like Propionibacterium acnes break down the sebum or the oily substance. The most commonly used chemicals are phenols and some acidic substances like alpha hydroxyl acid.
Wearing this jewelry makes you look beautiful.  You can look different by have body piercings and wearing jewelry over them. In acne, there is accumulation of the bacteria, sebum or the secretion of the sebaceous gland and also the dead skin cells in the follicle. Keloid scars are not painful or harmful to your health, but they can be unattractive or even embarrassing.
But, if you want to address this issue the natural way, we offer 11 all-natural alternatives to help you remove keloid scars at home. And, if you continue with this treatment every day, you will soon be able to see the difference.
However, if steroid injections or radiation therapy are used post-op, the results are far more promising. Don’t worry if you can’t see improvements soon, as it might take a few weeks for the remedy to fully work.
So, in this article I’m gonna go over some of the most common and effective keloid scar removal techniques as well as a few highly effective products for keloid scar treatment.
Nevertheless, this is not always possible so various treatment options do exist nowadays to resolve your question of how to get rid of acne scars. This granulation tissue has many collagen fibers and many other things which are necessary for the wound or injury to heal. Treatment differs according to the type of Acne scars and the skin sensitivity of the patient in question. The reasoning behind why these are effective is not well understood, but it is thought to be a combination of pressure, hydration, and the belief that the silicon stimulates the repairing of the top layer of scarred skin. A short description of the various Acne scars and the respective treatment options to remove acne scars is given below. There are also silicon gels available that do pretty much the same thing but are not quite as effective, as they don’t apply the pressure that the silicon sheeting does. However, people often do use both on highly visual keloid scars, with the less visible gel being used when in public situations and the sheets being used in privacy.

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