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Change the blade that you use to shave with frequently and ensure that you never shave with a blunt blade.
Ingrown hairs can be gently lifted out using tweezers but if there are a lot of them this can be a painstaking task. Finding the hair removal method that is right for you combined with a careful shaving regime can ensure that ingrown hairs are not a regular problem. The Isolaz treatment has been featured on Katie Snooks’ Youtube Channel, with a review on her experience of Isolaz for Acne. We are the premier cosmetic surgery and skin rejuvenation clinic in London, that combines the most advanced and widest range of treatments from the US and Europe. Men are prone to them on their face and women can get them on their legs, underarms and bikini area. Before shaving or waxing, make sure that the skin is properly prepped by gently exfoliating to remove dead cells.

Some skin types simply do not get on with a standard wet shave blade and if that is the case it is worth using an electric razor. Try to avoid repeatedly going over the same area as that can cause irritation and can clog the follicles with dead skin. Multiple and persistent cases of ingrown hairs can be effectively treated using laser hair removals. Ingrown hairs usually appear after shaving, which is why they are often referred to as “razor bumps”. With shaving, try not to press too hard as this can remove more skin and again clog the follicles. Using a post-shaving product containing Salicylic acid immediately after shaving can reduce the appearance of razor bumps. Although multiple treatments are required in order to catch the hairs at each stage of the cycle, laser hair removal is the best way to not only treat ingrown hair but also permanently remove the need for shaving.

If you are waxing make sure that you wax after a hot bath and pull the waxing strips in an upward motion against the direction of hair growth.
When shaving always ensure you shave with the grain and not against it as this can cause the hairs to grow inwards. Using a shaving cream that is non-acnegenic can also help both prevent and improve ingrown hairs.
It is important not to use any product that contains alcohol as that will make ingrown hairs worse.
Alcohol severely dries the skin and causes the follicles to close over which traps the hair beneath.

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