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Remember when I was telling you about how you can use rubbing alcohol to clean sharpie marker off of just about anything? Here’s what you can do if you’re like everyone and have had many painting oopsies too! I poured a little bloop of rubbing alcohol onto the main marks and left it to sit for 30 seconds or so.
I really hate scraping off paint mistakes and will just leave them all terrible-looking most the time rather than having to scrape. This is one of those ideas where, if you know about it already, seems like common sense, but if you don’t, it can be a real revelation. I would suggest if you have any paint on wood floors or any kind of fancy tile, that you test first on a hidden area to make sure it’s safe, but for my plain ol peel n stick tile, it worked like a charm! I’m a painter and the best thing to use on carpet no matter how old is a product called goof off. We're excited to present a post from guest writer, eco lifestyle expert, and all-around awesome guy Danny Seo. Of all the homes I've renovated, redecorated, and organized, if there is one thing that I see hoarded over and over again are cans of old paint.
For part three, I'm sharing a few of my own trusty paint tips as well as a few new tips that were sent to me by readers (that I eventually tested and out loved). Enjoy! One of my favorite budget decorating ideas is to buy glass vases at the thrift store and spray paint them to mimic ceramic. To paint glassware, wipe the entire thing with isopropyl alcohol about 10 minutes before you spray paint it. After painting more than 20 pieces of thrift store furniture, I've gone through way too many expensive drop cloths. Pick up a few and say goodbye to the days of spending $30 on a canvas drop cloth that won't even fit in the washer.
When painting over existing paint, it's super important to know if the old paint is latex or oil. Just fill in any dents with wood filler and once it's dry, sand it smooth with some fine grit sand paper. Remember when I silver leafed that entire desk and it was a total nightmare (even though it turned out kinda awesome)? My blog seems to have been down on and off for the better part of the week and Pinterest thought I was spam too.

I let the girls do some painting there a few months ago and didn’t worry too much about the floors cause, well, I want them gone like yesterday anyway. You can get rubbing alcohol almost anywhere, like Walmart or a drug store, or even a dollar store. I don’t actually have laminate floors so I don’t know for sure, but I feel like if it works on vinyl floors, laminate should be pretty safe too! I’ve been painting my home’s garage, and now, there are splotches of white on the floor! Next Jim Deacove developed a few of his own board games based on the principles of cooperation, group strategy and joint problem solving. I used rubbing alcohol to clean old dried on paint from a paint brush, the brush looks brand new.The bristles actually shine. Today, he's here to offer some smart tips on how to use up the leftover housepaint you may be hoarding!
Stashed away in the hall closet, covered in dust in the garage, or hidden behind boxes in the basement, old paint is something we feel we have no choice but to hoard because we really have absolutely no idea what to do with it.
If you go into a paint store and guess-timate how much paint you need, most of us overbuy on purpose because we'd rather be safe than sorry when tackling the weekend paint job. Leftover paint should be saved for touch-ups when you need to repair dings and scratches on the wall. If you have lots of random cans of latex paint in a variety of colors, mix them all together in a large, clean bucket to make one uniform color.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Then I can paint the doors while they are still attached to the frame, and I don't get paint all over the hinges. I finally just got mad and went with a different company today and the problem seems to have been cured almost instantly.
I had a roller that was too big for my roller handle and it kept falling off the handle, all loaded up with paint. Why would I when I had this little trick up my sleeve to be able to deal with it “eventually”? Make sure you do a hidden test first or use an extra piece of flooring for the test if you have any left! Even though he covers the floor with drop sheets,there’s always paint under them when he lifts them up.

As for whether the alcohol will work or not, I think it really depends on the finish that you have on your floors. Leaving paint in their existing cans can be a recipe for disaster, since mold can grow inside and paint can easily go bad.
This can take a few days to a few weeks depending on the humidity and temperature it is outside. Add a few tablespoons of powdered grout (from the tile section at the home improvement store) and mix well.
This is a last resort, but sometimes posting a notice that you have a few gallons of good quality leftover paint could attract someone to come claim it and use it. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
I wouldn't recommend washing it in the dishwasher, but if handled carefully, it should last for awhile.
Basically, when you are done painting for the day, just put your paintbrush in a ziploc bag and store it in the fridge.
I’m actually writing a post right now all about a bunch of different uses for rubbing alcohol, so it’s pretty funny that you asked this question right now!
I’d be a little worried about trying it on wood because it might clean the finish right off of the wood.
And those rare collection days where you can drop it off with your household hazardous trash?
Leave them somewhere where children or wild animals can't get into them, like on a shelf in the garage. The paint doesn't dry on your brush for up to a week, and you save tons of time not having to wash the paint out of your paintbrush.
Oversleep or miss it and you could face months (if not another year) of holding onto gallons of leftover primer.
Pour leftover paint inside the container, seal it closed with a tight fitting lid, and mark the outside in Sharpie pen what room it corresponds with. Once they are dry, the paint should pop out in a hard disc that can be safely tossed into the trash.

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