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Have you ever waxed your bikini line only to find tons of painful, itchy little bumps the next day? Ingrown hair is hair that grows back into the skin after shaving, tweezing, waxing, or electrolysis. Anyone can develop ingrown hairs, but people with curly or coarse hair are more susceptible  That means if you’re Black or Latina, you may be at higher risk. If all of the above fails to release the hair from the skin, you can remove the hair using a sterile needle or tweezers. If your ingrown hairs become infected, you can get them removed by a doctor, who will use a sterile needle and scalpel to remove the source of the infection.
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Gentle exfoliation of the site of the ingrown hair will help remove dead skin cells, dirt, or oils that are trapping the hair into the skin. Its been kinda embarrassing when guys at school tell me im shaving wrong and that maybe I should try waxing!

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The warmth will encourage the skin to loosen up and allow the ingrown hair to break the surface of the skin. And try not to pluck the hair completely, just make sure it isn’t trapped under the surface of your skin and let time do the rest. Applying alcohol or acid based topical solutions, like salicilic acid or benzoyl peroxide, can also treat an ingrown hair. If those two ingredients sound familiar, you’ve likely seen them used as a leading ingredient in acne soaps and medication. Always shave in the direction that the hair is growing in and use as few strokes as possible.
If your skin has a tendency to burn a little after shaving, use cool water to sooth your irritation.

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