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Some pet owners prefer to treat worms with products and remedies other than medications from a vet. About threadworms Threadworms are the most common parasite infection of children in the UK. Intestinal parasites, including tape worms, round worms and pin worms, are much more common than most people would like to acknowledge. Most Americans can stand to lose a little weight, so some people ignore unintentional weight loss instead of promptly addressing the cause.
Itching of the anus or vagina can be a sign that intestinal parasites are squirming about and causing local skin irritation.
Gassy stomach pain can be a sign of worm infestation, although there are many other causes, including irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers and food intolerance. Intestinal parasites are likely to cause intermittent episodes of constipation or severe diarrhea, and bowel movements may be foul smelling.
It should go without saying, but many people still fail to recognize symptoms of intestinal parasites even when they pass worms or worm eggs in their feces. A human parasite would be any sort of foreign, microscopic organism that essentially uses your body to breed and survive. Roundworms are parasitic invertebrates that can inhabit the human body, primarily living in the intestines. Although relatively uncommon, humans and especially infants and young children can contract tapeworms.
While the idea of critters in a colon can give anyone the creeps, it is important to know how to recognize the symptoms of worms in humans and seek prompt treatment.

Unexplained weight loss is often the first sign that a person is sharing his food with a colony of worms. He said mix it in the can of food and the dogs will eat it and that it won't hurt them at all. This can make it difficult to sleep and skin infections can occur from itching the area and breaking the skin. As the female worm lays her eggs, she releases an itchy mucus which helps the eggs stick to your skin.
They can then rub off onto other surfaces that can come into contact with people's mouths, such as children's toys, toothbrushes or food utensils.
Threadworm eggs can survive for two to three weeks outside your body including on surfaces, bedding and towels before spreading to other people. Threadworm infection can be treated with medicines and by following a strict hygiene routine. Threadworm eggs can survive for two to three weeks outside your body, so even if you take medicines to kill the worms, you need to follow strict hygiene methods to stop any eggs from being swallowed. Don't shake the bedding or any clothing that may have eggs on it – carefully remove it and put into the washing machine. Always read the patient information leaflet that comes with your medicine and if you have any questions, ask your pharmacist or GP for advice. You may be given a second dose after two weeks because the chances of getting it again are common. It's not a big problem, the vet can tell if a worming is needed when you go for shots etc.

It’s important that you and your children wash your hands regularly, especially after going to the toilet and before meals.
Recently, I've noticed, both in her feces and as she laying down, coming out of her rear end, some white larva looking worms (almost positive they're roundworms). I read on a separate site that you could try a home remedy and give her cloves to get rid of them, but it wasn't exactly specific on how much or how to feed them to her (whether to crush them up or whole), so what should I do? If left untreated, you may have difficulty in sleeping which could cause tiredness and irritability. So my question is how can you get rid of the parasites a natural way, without going to the vet? However, they have been known to spread into the vagina, womb (uterus), lining on the inside of the abdomen (tummy), liver, and even the lungs.
They are eating canned food twice a day and nursing on momma only when she lets 1 or 2, but not often as they have teeth.
How long will it take to get rid of these worms and is it normal for them to try eat their feces? This is first time I've had this problem and I've had some pretty pups I've given away in last 2 yrs.

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