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Market might be flooded with these kind of lotions which claim to tighten the sagging skin, but hardly any of them is effective. This ancient technique will make you more flexible, keep you on your goal weight and will also help to tone your body muscles. I too am on my weight loss journey, but it’s more difficult since I have hormonal disorders. These creams contain caffeine which shows the temporary effects and does nothing for your loose skin in the long run.

Water will not directly help in tightening the skin, but after losing all that weight you need lots of water in your daily routine.
Weight training is good when it comes to toning your muscles after that weight loss journey and hours of cardio. You can also go for massages which serve the same purpose of increasing the blood flow and making your skin firmer and tighter.
Incorporate strength training in your exercise routine thrice a week to tighten that loose skin.

Just try the tips I am listing below, they will keep your weight loss journey on and will also tighten your skin for better! Be patient in the process and you will be able to get the desired body you have always wanted.

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