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admin | Get Rid Of Bv | 14.05.2015
It seems like lately I have been dealing with an enormous number of malware and virus issues ranging from fake virus scanners to debilitating trojans that are darn near impossible to remove.
Although it is incredibly frustrating to deal with, I also secretly enjoy the puzzles created by these malicious software developers and can usually figure out how to remove them without having to wipe the hard drive and reinstall everything. If you can remember when the problem started, you can use System Restore to go back to a previously good state in your machine. When your computer is infected with a virus or malware, one of the more common symptoms is that you suddenly cannot run anti spyware scans or even antivirus scans. I’ve been able to use this method in the past with other fake virus scanners, but it seems like recently it does not work at all.

I’ve seen malware that prevents the software from loading and even recently encountered one that uninstalled both the virus scanner and Windows Defender from the computer’s hard drive.
System Restore is great when it actually works, but sometimes it can become corrupted and fail even when there’s no virus or malware at all. Furthermore, some of the malware I’ve encountered in the past couple of months had actually disabled System Restore from working.
The reason behind this is that the malware and virus developers (who should all burn in hell, by the way) deliberately disable your protective software so that you can’t easily remove the infection.
They also disable other tools used to clean up your system, such as the Task Manager, System Restore, Regedit, and MSConfig.

I often have to try a variety of things in order to get rid of some infections, and it seems like each one is a little different than the last. Unfortunately, time constraints (as dictated by my boss) force me to format and reinstall the system, such as with the case of the one I mentioned that uninstalled the virus scanner.

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