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The more serious Malware problems are caused by Viruses, which by design tries to maliciously damage your computer system. However, if you are one of the unlucky ones that do get a Malicious Virus, this page will try to guide you on how to remove viruses from your system using a few different tools. Avast provides 2 different versions of it's product to home users, the Home Edition and the Professional Edition. What really sets Avast apart from most of the other Antivirus products is that it provides a "boot time scan", so if your computer is infected with a virus that prevents antivirus applications from running Avast will usually get rid of it using the boot time scan.
The major problem that I found with Avast is that the company is located outside the United States and the support is not very good.
Starting with version 8, AVG has been providing the AVG Security Toolbar with the install, personally I don't like it and just after they released it there was a huge backlash from the users, stating that it slowed their browsing down and they were concerned with the data that was being collected with the toolbar.

Overall AVG Free does catch most viruses out there and for a free product is decent enough to run as your main Antivirus software. I haven't personally used Bitdefender as the primary Antivirus program on a computer yet, but I have used it repeatedly to get some pretty bad viruses off of computers that other Antivirus products couldn't detect. When you first start Bitdefender, it will ask you to "login" to a web account, if you are not going to use it as your primary antivirus solution you can simply skip this step. The first time you run Bitdefender, I highly recommend that you update the program as the installation file doesn't get updated too often and there probably will be updates to it. Bitdefenders scans usually don't take too long and it is somewhat good at removing the threats, however if it can't remove the threat it does provide more information on the threat. Microsoft has recently stepped into the Antivirus field with their "Security Essentials" product.

With my limited exposure to this product, I have found that it is free, it does detect spyware and it seems to integrate nicely with Windows without having too much of a performance hit.
If you cannot get an Antivirus program to remove certain viruses, there are many companies that provide free tools that will get rid of the viruses for you.

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