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Sweat Odors on your Clothes  Sweat and Body odors can become a big inconvenience in your life if not tended to properly.
Fragrances are becoming more commonly used by society today and businesses have begun to heavily used fragrances in their establishment to set the right mood and ambiance. Washer Wedgie is a small, very affordable device that needs No water & No power, its method simply works by sheer ingenuity of air ventilation into the washer.
Eliminate Front Load Washer Smell with Washer Wedgie Simply place this small device, U-shape down, over the inside bottom rim of the front load washer door opening.It prohibits the washer door from completely closing and leaves it ajar approx.
The Washer Wedgie is extremely affordable, very user friendly, and Energy Free for every household. The Washer Wedgie is made in the USA and has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with a full refund of purchase price, upon return of item within 30 days of purchase, if you are not happy with it. If you have a problem with mildew on your clothes or other types of fabrics, it is a situation that needs to be dealt with immediately. If the mildew is bad enough that it has started to discolor the material, then you want to try and brush it off with a brush. If you are trying to treat something that is not washable, you can probably still wash it by hand. If you do not get rid of the mold and mildew quickly, your clothes will not only smell bad but the mildew can also stain the material and destroy it.
For instance, if you are trying to clean silk or spandex that has mildew on it, you should wash these out with cold water and soap. And also make sure that after you finish doing a load in the washing machine, that it gets transferred into the dryer immediately.
Most of these types of fungi are airborne and have the ability to spread from one area to the other in the house.

You try using products on the market to get rid of that front load washer musty smell, but they only cover up the nasty odor, they DO NOT fix the problem.
Normally, when you finish washing your laundry and unload it from the washer, you close the washer door (or it accidentally gets shut).
The Washer Wedgie method permits air to ventilate inside the washing machine and allows the inside to dry out properly.
Under normal and practical use for which it is intended, it will not rip, tear, shred or deteriorate.
After cleaning my washer thoroughly, I make it a point to use the washer wedgie and I can truly say I don't have that smell in my washer anymore. If it is wet, you may just have to treat it and kill the mildew without worrying about trying to brush it off. If you have something that needs to be dry cleaned, make sure that you point out that it has mildew on it, and see if the dry cleaner can get rid of the mildew stain.
If you can prevent mildew from growing on your clothes, they will last longer and look nicer. But they need moist, dark and warm places as their ideal place to breed and thrive.  A mildew infestation presents often-severe health hazards to the occupants of the house, since it is an allergen and irritant. With these type products you waste money by purchasing them every month, you waste time by having to run extra wash cycles every week using these products, as well as waste water & energy, two of our most precious resources!! I was ready to get rid of it, but a friend told me about this & gave me the website to check it out.
If the clothing or fabrics are washable, then the easiest way to treat them is to put them into the laundry with a little bit of Clorox. Keeping your home and your clothes clean, is one of the best ways to prevent them from developing problems with mildew.

Know how to get rid of mildew smell from your house with the help of some safe and effective tips.Tips on How to Get Rid of Mildew Smell in Your HouseWhat kills mildew? The bleach will kill the mildew instantly and washing your clothes in the washing machine will help to pull it out from the fabric. Most of the time when fabrics have mildew on them, they are only weakened slightly and they are not destroyed. Especially important, NO MORE waste of our valuable, precious resources of water and energy. In the meantime, make a soapy solution and soak a washcloth in it, wipe off the surface and allow the area to dry off.Another method to get rid of mildew smell is to mix 2 parts vinegar, 2 parts hydrogen peroxide, 1 part boric acid and 4 parts water.
This method is especially beneficial to kill black mildew and get rid of its smell.If you have musty smelling towels Real Simple magazine recommends adding half a cup of baking soda to the rinse cycle. This helps remove and absorb the smell, not mask it.Secondary Measures to Get Rid of Mildew SmellAfter you are done washing and cleaning the mildewy areas with vinegar, and having allowed it to dry, sprinkle some baking soda over the area. This would help in getting rid the mildew smell completely.In most cases, after you are done cleaning the affected areas with vinegar, the foul odor diminishes. After you are done with the cleaning, spray the solution on the surface, and allow it to dry. The high acidic content of lemon not only reduces the mildewy smell, but also reduces the growth of the fungi.You can also make use of muriatic acid, also known as hydrochloric acid, for mildew-affected bathroom tiles.

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