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Shopping at a thrift store, digging through old, seasonal clothes, or unwittingly exposing clothes to wet weather can lead to a musty smell in clothes.
There are times when the smell is due to too much detergent on clothes that havenA?t been rinsed properly. Add a quarter cup of white vinegar to water in the washing machine and soak the clothes for at least thirty minutes. Unscented and unused cat litter is wonderful for removing odor from a lot of things, including musty clothes. If the mold or mildew has spread and spot treatments are not enough, you can try mildicides, which are sold in stores.
Sometimes, preventing a musty smell in clothes is as simple as keeping them dry so mildew doesn?t form in them.
If these steps on how to get musty smell out of clothes are not successful with repeated tries, or if the fabric is weak, the mold has probably caused it to rot. The smell can range from the stale odor of being stored for long to the moldy scent of damp-associated mildew in the clothes.

If possible, dry the clothes under the sun so that the ultraviolet rays can kill any mildew or mold.
Leave the litter in a box or wardrobe with the clothes for a week, and the unsavoury smell will be gone. Front-loading washers are easy living spaces for mildew because they are always kept closed and rarely dried out.
Another cause could be the accumulation of fabric softener on the clothes, making them less absorbent. Another natural solution is to add a cup of baking soda to the water with the clothes then run a normal cycle.
Fog the room, box, or wardrobe with mildicide, and close for ten minutes or more to allow the chemical to work.
The vinegar cure: Use the usual amount of detergent and add 1 cup of white vinegar to the load. The build-up of soap and fabric softener can be easily remedied using ordinary cleaning items in your home.

When storing, add a moisture-absorbent, scented liner or potpourri to keep the clothes smelling fresh.
The vinegar’s acids will kill mildew spores, but one cup is sufficient and adding more could damage your clothing.
Borax is commonly available in the cleaning aisle of the supermarket, next to the laundry soap.
Soaps are fat-based, while detergents are synthetics that were invented during WW2 in response to a shortage of the fats traditionally used in soap. Vinegar will neutralize soap, so if you are making your own laundry soap, hold off on the vinegar until the rinse cycle.
It kills different species of mold and mildew than vinegar does, so if your laundry still has a musty smell after using the vinegar method, repeat it but use 1 cup baking soda in place of the vinegar.3.

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