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Using a spray bottle, soak the inner ring in undiluted white vinegar or bleach and let it sit for about 15 minutes.
If you are having a tough time getting your cleaning solution back there, try using a spray bottle. After airing overnight, smell the washer with a fresh morning nose to see if the odor still exists. If you have done this process 3 or more times with no success, you may need to get a little deeper into the machine. Thank you Samantha!!!  Visit Samantha over at Simply Organized for more great tips and ideas!
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Thank you so much for posting this, I have been having mildew problems with my washer and now I know what to do. I just bought a Maytag HE machine and there are puddles of water left behind on the gasket after each wash cycle.
There are few things as annoying in this world as a household appliance that randomly stops working. One of the worst cases of this occurs when your clothes start to smell like mildew after you take them out of the wash. Cleaning out your washing machine has typically required a call to a service center, then someone coming by and pulling the whole thing apart to fix it.
Now you can clean that washer to a like-new condition, all you need is some Clorox bleach and 16 ounces of white vinegar. Start out by mixing the bleach with an equivalent amount of warm water, then wipe down all the accessible areas with a rag soaked in the powerful mixture – including under the rubber sealing. For the hard to scrub areas, simply leave the soaked towel right on top of the part for 30 minutes so the bleach can kill any mildew. On your second washing cycle, add in the 16 ounces of vinegar and keep the washer set to the highest possible temperature. Babes and Kids Review, Salt Lake City Utah Mom BloggerReviews, Giveaways, and All Things Family! A few months back, I had the opportunity to review Smelly Washer, a natural cleaner which claims to get rid of mold and mildew in your washing machine. Pros: I love that this product is all natural and gentle enough to use on clothing and towels.
I think the packaging is fun and innovative, and I’m excited to be using a product that really works.
I also noticed with my towels that were extra stinky that I had to soak and wash them a few times before I noticed the smell was completely gone. I liked this one since I was wondering the exact question: Will this work in my washer?- Smellywasher is guaranteed to remove odor from all front load and top load clothes washers. A FAQ I checked out was that Smelly Washer used to be known as PureWasher but the names were switched as they removed dyes and scents from their product to be considered a green product.
I follow your blog through Google Friend Connect and follow you on Twitter (not sure which you meant by “follow”) Thanks! Clean the inside of the machine: Wipe out the entire washer drum using bleach, white vinegar or your favorite household cleanser.

Clean the rubber seal:  Pay special attention to the rubber seal around the door while cleaning the washer. Then, using a new rag that is soaked in white vinegar or bleach, wipe down the inner ring again. Remove the detergent tray and sterilize: Since the odor is sometimes caused by too many suds, this area needs your attention. I used clorox clean-up bleach spray to reach the back and into the nooks and crannies up top. I walked in occasionally to see what was going on inside the machine and there was some aggressive water sloshing. If the odor is still there, you may want to do 1 or 2 additional clean cycles to completely remove all of the residue.
Since the printing of your owner’s manual, the company may have new or better tips for you to try, or they may work with you even further to help solve the problem. After owning a machine for a while or doing laundry for years, many of us don’t measure out detergent before adding it to the machine. This will ensure your clothing is getting rid of the additional soap residue, as well as any residue inside the machine.
Consider using white vinegar as your go-to fabric softener or the teeniest amount you can get away with putting in the machine.
I know sometimes this is easier said than done, but if you leave the wet clothing in the washing machine too long, the mildew smell is more prone to return. This will be there for the next load and will continue to absorb smells while you aren’t using the washer. This comment is not about your post or anything to do with the tips given about the washing machine.
Whether it is due to mechanical failure, human error or even just dirtiness, fixing or buying a new appliance is usually far out of the typical budget.
In this situation though, thankfully there is a super easy way that Clean And Scentsible discovered to get rid of all that dirt and grime on the unreachable parts of your washing machine – using just two ingredients! First things first, don’t ever use these two chemicals together because they are incredibly poisonous and toxic.
Once you are done scrubbing the machine clean, run it on the hottest cycle with no clothes inside to wash out the bleach. Now your washing machine should be clean, functional and mildew free – and it barely costs you anything.
The more suds = the more residue to get stuck in the nooks and crannies where mold can live and breed. If you have what you think might be mold, you may want to go the bleach route to be extra safe. You’ll be surprised how much cleaner the door looks and the amount of scum that was hiding on the door. There also seemed to be a lot more water than you would have in the drum while washing clothing.
A few reports I read mentioned coins or debris being stuck down there, and those items can be the mold and mildew culprit.
That mildew-y smell sets in from the towel staying wet too long, from sitting in the washer, thrown on the floor after a shower or folded and put away too soon.

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She has taught me so much, especially when it comes to natural cleaning with white vinegar, and she throws a pretty awesome themed party too! You should be using detergent that specifically states it’s safe for use in a HE machine.
Try to remember that your machine is cleaning dirty, germy clothing – sometimes several loads a day. If you haven’t run your washer through this cleaning process before, you may need to do this 2-3 times to remove all of that built-up residue from the internal parts of the machine. It scares me because of what I’ve heard about the potential for mold in these machines. Another thing that may be causing the towels to stink is if you’re using too much detergent. Anna has a GREAT post for cleaning a standard top-loading washer, but if you are struggling with a mildew smell coming from your HE front-loading washing machine, my post here on Anna’s blog will show you how to clean a high efficiency washing machine and get rid of those odors!
There is a little HE emblem on the detergent bottle or box that clearly states it’s safe for your machine, and the machine requires a very small amount when using the correct detergent.
I could tell a huge difference after one clean cycle and one overnight air dry, but it took a few additional cleanings to make it go away completely. Make sure you read through your owner’s manual completely to understand exactly how much detergent the machine requires. Often, with too much detergent, there is a residue left on the towels, which mold and mildew love to eat.
Here is the washcloth I used to wipe out the inside of the rubber seal AFTER the first clean cycle. Soap scum and gunk can build up in your shower, even though you are using soap and water while you’re in there. I use vinegar exclusively as a softener for my towels because traditional fabric softener leaves a waxy residue  that makes them less absorbent. Also, make sure to run the fan in the bathroom for at least 30 minutes to get rid of the excess moisture in the air.
Thanks for sharing these tips on washing towels … this explains why, when I recently started using fabric softener for the first time ever, my towels are like drying yourself with sandpaper.
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