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While it may seem like getting rid of sour milk smell will require some heavy-duty chemicals, the reality is that the solutions are within your arm’s reach. Pour baking soda on the affected area and sprinkle some cold water on top of the baking soda. This is a method that may cause some dismay for coffee addicts, but it’s all for a good cause. Use a steam cleaner and mix white distilled vinegar with a commercial carpet cleaning solution. This method is usually for relatively small affected areas, since big areas will require a lot of lemons to help clean up. This method is said to be effective on milk spills on mattresses or futons, especially handy when you have kids in the house. This method is recommended for refrigerators with a sour milk smell, but you can try it on other surfaces and areas as well.
Leave half a slice of onion, fresh coffee grounds, vanilla extract or a box of open baking soda to help get rid of the smell completely.
There are myriad solutions to getting rid of sour milk smell, but some are more effective than others, while a combination of different methods may prove most effective.
While bleach is always a good solution when it comes to dealing with sour milk smells, be careful when using it. Clothes that have milk stains and sour milk smell can be remedied by filling your washing machine with hot water, or high enough for medium load. If any or all of these solutions still do not work for you, you may want to get professional help. Place the thermos in the warm water and leave it for a few seconds so that the bacteria are removed. After adding both the baking soda and vinegar, close the lid of the thermos and shake it repeatedly for some time. Rub coffee grounds: If the milk is spilt on fabrics and carpets, first clean the affected area with either a brush or clean, dry towel.
Wash with heavy-duty detergent, baking soda and lemon juice: Scrub the affected area with heavy-duty detergent.
Cover with bicarbonate soda: Wipe the affected area with a clean dry cloth or paper towels.

Not only does this smell actively encourage your gag reflex to do its thing, but the smell sticks around like nobody’s business. They’re also very friendly to children and animals, so you don’t have to worry about anything else once you’ve gotten the messed mopped up and cleaned away. Remember, when dealing with milk spillage is that you should deal with it immediately or in the soonest possible time. If you have the misfortune of the milk actually crusting, scrape it off using a plastic spoon or a plastic knife. If there is still odor, take a bottle of club soda and give it a little shake before taking off the stopper to produce fizz.
The enzyme helps break down protein-based odors and stains, so you will really get to the bottom of the problem. Make sure you leave the area dry as leaving cleaner on the area may cause mildew, which will make things worse. Some surfaces and materials may not take well to it, while using it when cleaning your refrigerator may contaminate your food. Let them sit in enclosed areas (like cars) for a few days before taking them out or vacuuming them. Take your car to your local car detail, or hire a professional cleaner for household spills. Sour milk smells are absolutely disgusting, so it’s probably wise that you restrict drinks in certain areas of your house and in your car. This can be very annoying as you cannot use the lunch boxes or thermoses until you get rid of the smell.
You must continually shake the thermos so that the mixture of baking soda and vinegar reaches the inside from top to bottom. After that, rinse the thermos again with cool water so that the vinegar ingredients are watered down. When milk becomes contaminated with water, food particles and other matters, the microorganisms already present in it multiply quickly and change its composition. To find the urine smell by spray a little product onto the affected area and look for white foaming.
That’s because when milk or dairy products are left standing around in an environment that will allow them to ferment, the fermentation process produces that sour milk smell.

The less time the milk has sitting around turning to gunk, the less gunk you have to deal with.
Otherwise, train a fan or use an industrial-grade hair blower to help completely dry the area.
Keeping track of all your milk items also helps a lot to prevent those nasty accidents from happening. The smell of milk remains for a considerable period of time and can be neutralized with the help of baking powder and vinegar. The odour will be neutralized by shaking the thermos repeatedly for some time after which you can preserve anything you want to. Make sure the water is warm as it helps in removing the dirt and stains from the thermos quickly. After that, rinse the thermos with cool running water and make sure it has no soapy water left. Leave them for a few days to absorb the odor and then remove the coffee grounds with a vacuum cleaner. If you enjoy reading this article, you'll also enjoy learning how to get rid of sour house smell.
The next morning, remove the soda with a vacuum cleaner and then wipe the area clean with a clean, dry cloth. Coffee contains enzymes such as PetZyme which helps get rid of protein-based odors and stains. Three Parts: Making Your Car Smell Great Getting Rid of Odors Preventing Odors Community Q A. If the smell is still there take a bottle of club soda, shake it until it produces fizz and spray on the affected area.

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