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These natural ways of removing mold are extremely efficient; plus they’re far safer for your family, pets and environment than store-bought mold removers because they are free of chemicals. These different methods require varying degrees of effort and have different levels of odor, so consider carefully before deciding which one to choose.
Although a bit pricier than the other natural mold removers, only a small amount of tea tree oil can do wonders for your mold-affected areas around the house. This may become your favorite mold-removing method because unlike vinegar and tea tree oil, citrus seed extract (such as grapefruit) does not have an odor. If you want to try this method, spray 3% hydrogen peroxide from a bottle onto the mold and leave it to act for about 10 minutes.
Bleach combined with certain mycotoxins and VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds), can create neurotoxins and brain tumors.
Even though it’s most common in the bathroom and basement, it can grow in any moist area in your household.
Unfortunately, many people suffer from mold-related allergies without even being aware of it.

On way is to dilute it with water in order to reduce the strong smell before applying it on the mold-affected areas and the other is to use it straight up from the bottle. However, the strong smell is only short-term and will probably have disappeared in a few hours. As with the other solutions, add about 20 drops of extract in 2 cups of water and spray onto the mold. The term hurricane is used for … [Continue reading]Mycotoxins from Mold CAN Hurt You.
Symptoms can range from runny nose, headaches, rashes, fatigue, depression and memory problems to more serious health problems such as respiratory or neurological conditions.
Optionally, you can mix hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and vinegar to remove mold, but make sure to store the solution in a dark place as light interferes with the potency of hydrogen peroxide.
Make a solution with baking soda and water or water and vinegar, and spray on the moldy area.
According to research, white vinegar can destroy up to 82% of mold spores, as well as viruses and bacteria.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),  estimated 50 percent of  US schools have poor indoor air quality. If you’ve noticed mold growths in your house, it’s vital that you get rid of these as soon as possible. Simply spray the offending area, leave on for a few hours, then scrub the mold with a brush. This natural disinfectant is quite mild, which means this solution will remove mold without leaving any scent behind.

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