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The instructions say to use cotton beauty coils that you have to buy at a beauty supply store. That sounded like an extra trip to the store and a waste of money, so I got out my good old-fashioned cotton balls instead.
There was quite a layer of soap scum build up (no-scrub tub cleaner to the rescue) and mold growing in a couple of the corners. I am testing Pins that catch my eye to see if they really live up to the claims made on Pinterest. Now that we’re clear that this pink mold is actually orange bacteria, what’s next? Bad news is, that means wiping down the ENTIRE bathroom and ensuring its dryness every single time after you use it.
However, if you know me, I like to reduce as much effort needed to exert any energy in any task as I can.

So even if the only probable solution to this pink orange issue is scrubbing, I’d like to do the least scrubbing.
In order to be able to do the least scrubbing, we need something to do the scrubbing for us. Combining these two gives you a solution that comprises of salt and water and no cleaning power.2. The least scrubbing needed.So, if you can get hold of Hydrogen Peroxide 3%, spray it undiluted on the grout, let sit for 10 minutes, scrub it a little just to loosen the stains and rinse. Local pharmacies usually carry them for less than 2 dollars.However, it may be difficult to get hold of Hydrogen Peroxide in some countries especially in Asia. If the stains have been there longer or there is plenty of them, use a 10:3 water to enzyme ratio.
There shouldn’t be any sore arms, back breaking, head sweating, heart beating kind of scrub.

For grout on walls, spray undiluted citrus enzyme, let sit for 5 minutes, spray again, let sit for another 5 minutes and scrub.
For tiled floor other than the bathroom, well, let’s just say this is a great opportunity to flood your house.
From my understanding, acidic cleaners like vinegar or citrus fruit like lemon are a no no for marble surfaces.
The picture of the tiles in this post is made of marble and I’ve used the enzyme to clean it.
If you live to eat, loves Southeast & East Asian food or everything else with bold flavors, I like you.

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