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Garden Moles, small fleecy mammals, live underground and spend most of their time in burrowing through the soil in search of their prey. First of all, identify the garden mole’s tunnel or hole in order to start an operation against them. Once you identify the moles’ tunnel, simply go for the water hose method and see if you can rid of them. Simply walk along the moles’ tunnel, pushing all the soil, grass, and dirt into the hole with the help of your boot or a shovel in order to block it. Note: Make sure not to put all your weight on the hole as you do not know how deep the tunnel is and you do not want to twist your ankle for sure. Buy some mole traps from your nearest crockery or hardware store and install them in different parts of your garden. Note: Make sure you install one of the traps at the entrance of the moles’ tunnel since the chances of capturing them there are high. Unknown to many of you, cats’ odor is one of the best methods to keep the moles away from your garden.
Apply some fine quality milky spore powder to your garden in order to attract the naughty moles to find new homes to carry out their destructive activities. Note: If you do not have oil soap, then you can take advantage of the easily available dish detergent in your kitchen. Some plants work as effective mole repellents and play a vital role in getting rid of them permanently.

If you are determined enough to get rid of the moles once and for all, then put a handful of dry ice into the moles’ hole in your garden.
Note: Never make the mistake to touch the dry ice without gloves and make sure to wash your hands at the end of this method. Please note that I have recently retired and I am no longer providing mole trapping services.
It is with  great confidence that I am now referring new and existing customers to Terry Barlow. The Solar Mole Repeller is environmentally friendly and eliminates the use of poisons and traps around your children and pets. Visit the traps time to time in order to find out if it has luckily captured any irritating mole. What you can do is, sprinkle some used cat litter around the moles’ holes for best results. Therefore, take advantage of this easily available remedy and apply either used or unused coffee grounds around your garden in order to force the moles to leave it.
Purchase some oleander, castor bean or mole plants from your nearest plant house or nursery and plant them around your garden. The carbon dioxide (CO2) released by the dry ice automatically creates dehydration in moles and kills them within a few hours. I have made many new friends along the way and appreciate each and every one of my customers for their business.

Terry will be aquiring this website and content and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.
It is pleasing not only for the owner of the yard, but also for the subterranean dwellers like moles. But there is no need to have a soft corner for these small but naughty animals as they can bring a large amount of damage to your garden in no time.
Now, fire water hose or the common water hose at full pressure into the hole and wait until the moles escape out one by one. Once the moles find their way to these plants, they will definitely run away from your garden. In addition to that, they can wreck the drainage system of your house and valuable equipments. The moral of this whole discussion is, do not make the mistake to let the moles go as they can shatter your garden along with plants, vegetables, and trees. You can capture them in the trap and set them free in a nearby forest or somewhere far away from your beautiful garden. Luckily, you can find various easy methods in this simple article to get rid of the Garden Moles permanently.

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