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To your horror, that odd odor in the kitchen is the result of a mouse exploring your stove.
Once you get rid of the last rats and the home is well-sealed, the animal mess needs to be removed.
Wildlife Patrol performs repairs to last permanently and guarantees every site we work on for 1 year. If you don't take care of the problem, you can end up with considerable damage in your attic or home, such as seen in the below photographs. FIRST: Inspect your entire house or building, and find all the open holes and gaps that mice are using to get into the structure. I have called a few times to try to get someone to come out and re-inspect the house as the pests are still getting in somewhere. This article series focuses on removing pet or other animal odors from buildings due to pet urine, pet feces, wild animal urine, or even human urine on and around buildings or on clothing and other soft materials.
Here we give advice concerning the detection and removal of animal smells & odors from dogs, cats, or other pets. Cat allergen and odor source identification, testing, removal, are also discussed beginning at Cat Dander: how to inspect and test a building for past or current presence of cats, cat hair, cat dander, and cat allergens". Animal smells in or around buildings, both indoors and outside, may be due to current or prior pets in a building, pet urine or fecal waste, cat boxes, animal hair, dog dander, cat dander (are allergens and are indicators of the level of prior pet activity), dust tracked in by dogs.
The little stuffed animals in this photo include a skunk - both were innocent of any pet-crimes, but they had been placed at either side of a basement door jamb to cover stains from basement water entry.
Also check for dead animals around buildings including in hidden or hard to access areas such as under porches, crawl areas, chimney outdoor cleanout openings, and in roof eaves. Smelly soil around a building: You may need to remove really smelly soil depending on the kind of animal and how much peeing it's been doing. Raccoons rarely urinate on building exteriors but they are less fastidious if they gain access to the building attic or basement.
Aluminum siding that has been urinated on can be washed with a household cleaner but be careful about scrubbing aluminum siding that has become chalked on its surface - you may scrub off the paint, leading to an exterior paint job. Painted surfaces such as walls urinated on by an animal: you may need to paint-over really smelly surfaces that don't respond to cleaning with pet odor neutralizer sprays. Vinyl siding that has been urinated on by animals should be scrubbed with any common household cleaner.
If you know that the urine was from humans urinating around a building indoors or outside, you might call the companyA  making animal odor neutralizer to ask if they have an opinion about what works best in their product line. If the building exterior being still being visited by animals who continue to spray urine on or near the building, male cats or dogs marking territory, a stinky groundhog, skunk, or male deer marking your garden and shrubs, it helps to know what the animal is. There are chemicals specifically sold to neutralize animal odors - stop by a pet supply store or look online - they work pretty well.
Odor eliminating chemicals and washes for dog or cat urine: we've experimented with odor eliminating sprays and cleaners to remove pet urine odors from floors and carpets with mixed success.
Pet repelling chemicals: in that case products that include an odorizer that discourages an animal from urinating in the same spot may help.
Free dog or cat urine deodorization formula: several pet owners have written to describe versions of a simple do-it-yourself procedure that they report often has good results. If the urine spot is on carpeting, lift the carpeting to determine if urine has soaked through the padding and onto the floor below. Up to this point it's unlikely that any bleaching or discoloration problems will have arisen from these steps.
Deodorizing solution: Mix A? cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide together with 1 teaspoon of detergent (dish detergent or liquid laundry detergent will be fine), and apply this solution on top of the urine area that already has been powdered with baking soda. Scrub: If the area being treated is carpeting use a soft brush to scrub the carpet lightly to work the solution into the carpet. Walk your dog: pets left alone for too long are the most likely to become habituated to relieving themselves indoors. Careful management of cat litter boxes is important for both odor and sanitation; people who change the litter too infrequently can become inured to cat odors coming from the litter box - a smell source that will be more noticed by visitors. Crate your dog during a training period, taking the dog outside frequently until you and the pet both know the schedule - most dogs will not urinate in their own crate unless they have been left alone for far too long, or perhaps if the animal is sick and incontinent (discuss this with your vet).
Dogs and cats will continue to re-visit and urinate on a building surface where the urine odor remains from previous crimes. Other special deodorizing products may suit your less common pet, such as ferret waste odor removing chemicals and skunk odor removers.
Cleaning odors off of your pet itself: can require simple shampooing - use a pet shampoo or in an emergency, baby shampoo - keep soap out of pet eyes and away from delicate tissues such as a female animal's vagina. Beginning at ANIMAL or URINE ODOR SOURCE DETECTION with advice on finding the source of urine or animal smells at or in buildings, we give advice concerning the detection and removal of animal smells & odors from dogs, cats, or other pets. I've found that both bleach and mothballs discourage animals marking building walls with urine.

In that case you may have success by power washing to get the wall as clean as you can, then sealing the surface with a clear sealant, followed by use of animal repellant sprays or even a pile of mothballs.
Continue reading at ANIMAL or URINE ODOR REMOVAL or select a topic from the More Reading links or topic ARTICLE INDEX shown below. Try the search box below or CONTACT US by email if you cannot find the answer you need at InspectApedia.
The critique included in that article raises compelling questions about IgG testing assays, which prompts our interest in actually screening for the presence of high levels of particles that could carry allergens - dog dander or cat dander in the case at hand. Our recommended books about building & mechanical systems design, inspection, problem diagnosis, and repair, and about indoor environment and IAQ testing, diagnosis, and cleanup are at the InspectAPedia Bookstore. The Illustrated Home illustrates construction details and building components, a reference for owners & inspectors.
This can all be avoided by having the squirrels removed from your attic and squirrel-proofing your house to make sure they don't return. Squirrels in Massachusetts and Rhode Island are constantly getting themselves into trouble. While many people think squirrels are adorable, clever little creatures, homeowners across Massachusetts know them to be destructive, dangerous, loud and annoyingly persistent pests. If you have squirrels in the attic don't wait until it's too late, call the squirrel exterminators, call the Batguys! With years of experience in squirrel removal, we're able to confidently offer you the Bat Guys comprehensive one-year warranty. Gray squirrels can chew through vinyl siding, lead flashing, thin gauge aluminum and even galvanized screening in some cases. It is not uncommon for us to remove 8-19 gray squirrels during a squirrel removal service from a single family home in the spring. Trimming tree branches is the best preventative measure a homeowner can take to prevent a gray squirrel problem. Squirrels live throughout the BatGuys service area, but for specific information on squirrels in the Boston metropolitan area, please see our Boston squirrel removal page. For information on squirrels and flying squirrels in Providence and the rest of Rhode Island, see our page on Rhode Island squirrel removal. Decontamination  After the infestation has been resolved, Wildlife Patrol offers decontamination services to eliminate the animal mess.
Like all rodents, the House Mouse is a chewer, and it can chew on electrical wires, which can cause outages or a fire risk. Learn more about the attic cleanup process, including methods and products, in my attic cleanup page. This article provides suggestions for finding and removing animal odors from on or around the exteriors of buildings - a section of our discussion of animal or human odor removal from building interiors, building exterior surfaces, from soils around buildings or from urine-odor smelly clothing, bedding, and other soft goods. The little skunk and that other brown furry stuffed animal in our photo (above left) were not responsible for smells in this home, but they were doing their best to keep the inspector from noticing the water stains from a flooded floor. Small black lights are available from pet supply stores, art supply stores, and forensic and police equipment suppliers and are generally inexpensive. A dead animal smell has been described by our clients with a wide variety of terms ranging from a vague noxious stink that seemed to vary with humidity to a sweet sickly smell. Use a paint intended for odor sealing such as paints used on building interiors for odor control after a fire - your paint supplier can steer you to the right paint from their catalog - let me know what you use and how well it works. Often we could remove the odor enough that humans did not detect any remaining unpleasant smells. We have rarely found this material sufficient for animal urine; more serious cleaners and in cases pet odor removers and neutralizers were needed.
If so, we recommend discarding the urine-soaked area of carpet padding and cleaning the floor surface. If your cat has stopped using the litter box it may be due to smelly cat litter that the cat just can't stand.
If surface cleaners and pet odor removers prove inadequate to discourage the pet from urinating in the same spot, you'll need to combine use of a pet repellant chemical in that location with diligent toilet training and (in the case of cats) a clean litter box.
Special products are available from pet suppliers and from veterinarians if you need to remove skunk odors from your cat or dog. But it is certainly true that once a dog or coyote has peed on a house wall, because the urine soaks into the wood, that smell is then easily noted by other dogs or coyotes who are compelled to leave their mark as well.
Sheryl Miller, MT (ASCP), PhD, is an Immunologist and Associate Professor of Basic and Medical Sciences at Bastyr University in Bothell, Washington.
Environmental Protection Agency US EPA - includes basic advice for building owners, occupants, and mold cleanup operations. The text is intended as a reference guide to help building owners operate and maintain their home effectively. During certain times of the year squirrels will enter homes and attics through existing holes or they will chew their way through weakened areas of roofs, vents and soffits to gain access to a warm safe attic.

They are mischievous by nature and are always falling down chimneys, getting stuck in woodstoves, falling down walls and squeezing their way into places where they shouldn't be.
These are actual testimonials from clients who have gotten their peace and quiet back after using gray and flying squirrel removal services from The BatGuys. These are the squirrels that you see on the road and in your yard during the daylight hours. Northwestern RI, and Metro West Boston are two areas that we get a lot of flying squirrel calls from. The only permanent solution to a squirrel infestation is to have your home squirrel-proofed. We also have a proven track record of solving difficult squirrel problems that other companies could not. Should squirrels re-infest your home during the warranty period, we will return to make necessary repairs at no cost to you.
They leave their nests in the morning to go out and forage for food during the day and return late in the afternoon. They emerge from attics after dusk and will return to the attic sporadically throughout the night. The steps below might permit you to save the carpeting - you'll need to buy, cut, and install a new square of carpet padding to replace the padding you removed. When we were late changing our litter our cat would stand on the edge of the litter box to pee - she didn't want to set foot in the litter box unless it was clean. By chewing on wires they strip the plastic coating, which exposes the bare copper wire and creates a very dangerous situation. The most common symptoms of a gray squirrel infestation are scratching and chewing noise in walls, floors and ceilings during the early morning hours and then again at dusk. When they do get into houses they usually show up in the basement and they usually enter through large holes in foundation of the home. Many of our squirrel removal customers will tell us that they hear the squirrels at dawn and then again at dusk on a daily basis. Special Offer: For a 10% discount on any number of copies of the Home Reference Book purchased as a single order.
I will never understand how I can get four calls for squirrels in fireplaces in a 90-minute period and not get another one for a month! If the access points the squirrels were using are not properly sealed you will have more squirrels return to the same areas, I promise. Thanks to Alan Carson and Bob Dunlop, for permission for InspectAPedia to use text excerpts from The Home Reference Book & illustrations from The Illustrated Home. These are the squirrels that chew large holes in houses and will often chew wiring in attics creating fire hazards. In some cases squirrel-proofing is as simple as sealing one small hole after all the squirrels have been removed.
Carson Dunlop Associates' provides extensive home inspection education and report writing material. These squirrels spend the daylight hours resting comfortably in the insulation of your attic. In other more complex cases the squirrels can be actively using four or five different holes in your roof and there can be five or six more potential entry points that are just waiting for a squirrel to chew a hole in them. Special Offer: For a 5% discount on any number of copies of the Home Reference eBook purchased as a single order. About an hour after sunset the squirrels will emerge from the attic to go out and feed in the wooded areas that surround your home. All these areas must be properly sealed, but only when we are 100% certain that all squirrels have been removed from the house and attic. Throughout the night the squirrels will come and go while collecting food and socializing with the other squirrels.
I've seen cases where this has happened and the trapped squirrels have chewed their way right into the family's living room in an effort to get out! The most common symptom of a flying squirrel infestation is scratching and scampering noises in the middle of the night. That was more than we wanted to spend, so I don't actually know how effective it is myself.

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