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You can use tea bags to get rid of that musty, op-shop smell from your clothes and smells out of shoes too. For your wardrobe tie a few new tea bags to a coat hanger and hang in the wardrobe, it’s that simple. You can use a mix of black tea and any scented or flavoured tea you like to add fragrance or you can put a few drops of essential oil on your tea bags, if you wish. The tannins in tea, that dark bitter-tasting aspect of black tea, are a great deodorisers and are dust-mite neutralisers.

I'm not much of a makeup fan and I swear I'm not in any paid to rave about this but with summer coming you guys have to know about this stuff! What we wear everyday is so important and in my opinion, a great casual look can be hard to create! Using ? a cup of white vinegar in your wash will get rid of unpleasant odours in clothes too.
Hold bottle firmly with one hand, ensuring only the cork and not the bottle or your fingers are in the gap.

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