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Molds can be very dangerous to try and clean on your own as they are the cause of a number of respiratory diseases. Due to the fact that most musty odors are a result of mold, you should take precautions before you begin to clean any infected areas. Hydrochloric Acid - Using hydrochloric acid is one of the most effective ways to kill mold and stop the odors. Dehumidifier - A dehumidifier in your basement and damp areas of your house is one of the best preventive measures you can take.
Clean and Dry Damp Rugs and Towels - Damp rugs at the entrance of your house or leaving wet towels lay around the bathroom are huge cause for musty smells. Gutters - Having gutters properly installed on your house will help keep your basement dryer. Seal Leaks and Cracks in Your Foundation and Around Windows - Walk around your house with a caulk gun and fill in any cracks you can see in your foundation, around pipes and windows.
Step 4: Once the carpet and padding is dry, mix equal amounts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. You open the door to your basement and the irritable smell just makes you want to get out of there! If the basement has been closed for a very long time, the first thing to do is open the windows for a day and allow air circulation. Try waterproofing to get rid of the smell and also prevent future possibilities of another odorous encounter! If the mold and mildew is in the cracks and crevices in the wall, wash the walls with bleach. In the case of wood such as flooring and wooden articles, use a wood conditioner such as linseed oil to keep it free of moisture. All these are simple home remedies that will help you in getting rid of the unbearable smell that has spread all over the basement.
A I would always suggest you contact a mold remediation specialist before attempting to do anything on your own. A Mold is very dangerous and you should make sure that you wear a respirator, eye protection and gloves when cleaning.

A Usually we are effected by these odors because they are occurring in an environment that we spend a lot of time. A Take some natural lemon juice (no added sugars) and mix it one part lemon juice to one part water and spray the infected area. However, hydrochloric acid can be dangerous and also can ruin a lot of surfaces such as wood floors. A Musty odors and mold typically form when an environment stays damp and warm for an extended period of time. A You will be amazed at the amount of water that your dehumidifier will suck out of the air every day, instantly helping you to get rid of musty smells. A Following these preventive measures will help eliminate ever having mold or musty smells in your house. With a sponge or rag wipe down the area that was sprayed with the vinegar and water solution. No speck of dirt or a thing out of place, but a little odor and it takes away the charm of the house, no matter how elegant the decor! Mold and mildew grow in the dark and moist corners and therefore mold removal can get difficult. A In this class we will examine several techniques to help get rid of musty smells and preventive tips to stop them in the future. A Mold spores tend to break off and become airborne when cleaning therefore a respirator is a must.
A Most of the natural products will kill the mold and musty smells as good as chemical alternatives, yet natural products are safe for you, your family and pets. A Spray the infected area with generous amount of vinegar and allow it to sit for a few hours. A Allow it to sit for a few hours and then clean the area once again with some soapy water.
A closed room with no ventilation is the most common place where you will come across a musty smell. Exposure to moisture for a couple of days is enough for these microbes to grow especially on wood and carpets.

The more effective way is cross ventilation, which is opening the windows at opposite ends. But before you call in for professional help to get rid of the musty smell in the house, trying these easy techniques would surely save you from shelling out those extra dollars. A The EPA suggest you use a N-95 respirator and goggles that don’t allow ventilation to prevent mold spores from getting in your eyes.
A I generally would suggest you use this process after cleaning with the vinegar or lemon juice.
A If you have tried the vinegar and lemon yet the mold keeps reappearing apply some hydrochloric acid. Basement ventilation is something you must always consider to maintain a clean and odor-free environment.
If you see water condensation on pipes be sure you insulate the pipes to avoid excessive humidity. After washing and mopping with bleach, remember to remove the excess bleach using clean rags.
A I would always suggest you consult a mold remediation expert if you’re not sure on the proper gear.
A This serves two functions, cleaning the area once again while also helping to dilute the vinegar smell.
A If you’re problem is serious enough that you have to use hydrochloric acid, I would suggest contacting a mold remediation specialist.
These are fungi which can trigger various allergies even in healthy individuals and cause respiratory illness.
A Mayo clinic study established the fact that these fungi are responsible for the onset of chronic sinusitis.

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