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Why are washing machines in the UK downstairs?   It seems daft to me carrying dirty clothes down the stairs then back up again when they’re clean. Without a tumble dryer it’s virtually impossible to get clothes dry in the winter, every radiator in the house is covered in clothes, which makes our heating system work even harder. Forgetting to hang out the laundry and having to wash it again and again to get rid of that musty smell. Forgetting to empty pockets before putting them in the washer and end up washing a load of dark clothes a tissue or worse a tampon. Remembering at the last minute that the shirt you’d planned to wear out that night is still in the machine and trying to dry it with a hair dryer or the iron. My families inability to lift the lid of the laundry basket and put the clothes inside it, instead of piling them on top.
Cherry stains, we had a tree at the bottom of the garden and a child who insisted on crawling through them! When my daughter has pasta with a tomato based sauce it always stains her clothes i can never get it out! Felt tip pen when the kids white polo shirts are full of it never managed to get it out yet. Mud just doesn't come out - my sons football stuff is permanently stained as nothing shifts it.

Hiya, I'm Chrissie, a slightly older mum of one who drinks far too much red wine, is obsessed with slow cooking and likes to tinker with tech.
I had that issue with my car for a few weeks when it got really hot here,it went away by itself. Jonathan and Drew Scott, HGTV's Property Brothers, stopped by to show TODAY viewers how to jump-start their home renovations. Wednesday on TODAY, Willie got sweet revenge by putting black makeup on Jonathan's safety goggles.
Before the time of cooling storage, there are many problems in storage, so the storing period can not be long.
3)Restrain propagation of insects and bacteria, from pratical experiences, there is no aflatoxin in the corn for 3 month in cooling storage. The heart of cooling storage system is the grain cooler (chiller), the left photo is the water cooling type, it needs a water tower to cool down the machine, the advantage is low noise.
The photos show the control panel and control box, the whole system is managed by micro computer, the compressors can be switch on and off by different stages, so the power energy can be saved. No matter it's hopper bottom or flat bottom, the aeration system must meet the needs of air volume to give best performance.
Alminco has more than 15 years experience in cooling technology, and we have reliable quality of cooling machines.

Therefore, Alminco has cooperated with Taiwanese Government and agricultural experts to develop cooling storage system, which helps to improve the grain quality and store longer period.
The right photo is the air cooling type, the machine has exhaust fans to cool down the machine, the advantage is that air cooling type can be moved to use as long as there is power. Besides, it can control the constant temperature and moisture to ensure the air condition is under control. The most of the cooling energy would be wasted more than 15% if the ducting is not doing properly; therefore, it's better to insulate the ducts with PU or some insulating materials. The panel has some push button and indicator lights, the main control is done on the touch screen.
When the cooling air is coming from the bottom aeration, the roof vents allow the hot air exhausting to outside, to prevent the hot air stay under the roof and become condensation. I wore a white top and the juice just seemed to dampen it but then when it went in the wash the stain wouldn't go. It's easy to operate and it has emergency stop if the operator makes mistakes on controlling.

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