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If you discover that your nails have become more and more challenging to reduce since they are challenging or brittle, you probably have toenail fungus. I recently moved to Nebraska from San Diego and my sister lives on a farm with it's own forest in Omaha. Since nail fungus is a common condition that many people face there are also quite a lot of OTC treatments created for it.
Funginix is a topical solution that is combined of natural components that are proven to work effectively against fungus.
ZetaClear is another highly rated over the counter product that is aimed at treating nail fungus.
Essential Oils offer another natural and quite effective way to treat conditions like nail fungus.
This essential oil has a lot of different uses and one of them is treatment of toenail fungus.
Just like essential oils, natural remedies for toenail fungus might take a while to completely cure fungus infections, they might work only with limited success rate and sometimes there is no scientific explanation why they work and if they actually work. It can be said that Vicks Vapor Rub is one of the most popular and widely used home remedies for nail fungus. ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) is yet another quite commonly used home remedy for treating fungus infection naturally. Garlic is another natural home remedy that you should consider trying in case you want to get rid of nail fungus. Unlike Funginix, ZetaClear consists of two products – homeopathic spray and topical solution.
The main explanation why Tea Tree Oil is effective for treating this condition is because it has antiseptic as well as antifungal properties. This essential oil includes a couple of fatty acids that can help to treat fungus related conditions.
Based on research this oil has antifungal properties, which in turn helps to treat nail fungus.
Despite that many people choose to try different home remedies because it is not necessary to spend a large budget on them and also many people tend to have success with them.

In case you are unfamiliar with this rub you should know that it was used for many years in order to treat common cold.
ACV can help in treatment of nail fungus because it destroys alkaline environment needed for fungus to propagate & thrive.
The active ingredient in both of these treatments is Undecylenic Acid and also there are some additional inactive components, which are slightly different. In addition to FDA approved ingredient (Undecylenic Acid) Funginix also contains some essential oils and components that are known to be effective for treating this condition.
Topical solution is applied directly on nails affected by fungus and homeopathic spray is used orally. The main drawbacks of this type of treatment are that effectiveness of essential oils is not tested in many studies, it might take a while until you will see any improvement in your condition and also these essential oils might not have strong enough anti-fungal properties to cure more stubborn fungus conditions. One of the studies done on this essential oil showed that it was successful natural remedy for treating nail fungus for ~18% of the participants. One of these acids can help to minimize production of citrinin. Due to lower production of citrinin it becomes more difficult for fungus to get deep into the skin. It is worthwhile to mention that one of the studies on Vicks Vapor Rub found out that Thymol is one of the most effective components in formulation of this natural remedy for treating nail fungus. When it comes to nail fungus there are many natural home remedies that can be tried and bellow you can find a list of some of the most effective ones. The reason why Vicks Vapor Rub is considered an effective remedy for fighting fungus is because formulation of this rub contains anti-fungal and other useful components. In addition to that this vinegar is known to have anti-bacterial properties that are useful for treating various conditions. This substance is known to have strong anti-fungal properties so it can be useful for treating toenail fungus. There are a few different ways in which garlic can be used for this particular condition.
You possibly have toenail fungus, which is a frequent ailment for dancers, as they face nail damage on a everyday foundation.
Both of these OTC solutions tend to work with high success rate and it is reflected in most of consumer testimonials.
The formulation of topical solution is quite similar to most OTC treatments that are aimed at treating toenail fungus. For other participants Tea Tree Oil either improved condition or didn’t make much different in treating nail fungus.

Another component found in Coconut Oil is lauric acid, which is known to have the ability to kill fungus once transformed into monolaurin.
So in order to try Thyme Oil for treating this condition users can either choose to apply this essential oil alone or use Vicks Vapor Rub natural remedy, which also contains some additional components in formulation. Depending on sensitivity of your skin Apple Cider Vinegar can be applied on affected area alone or it can be also mixed with some water to make it less acidic.
You can apply garlic oil mixed with white vinegar on affected area, you can eat a few slices of garlic daily or you can make your own garlic oil by mixing some oil with smashed garlic.
Most user reviews online confirm that Funginix works as advertised and first results are usually visible within a few weeks of using this topical solution. The main active ingredient in Zetaclear is Undecylenic Acid and some additional components are Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Jojoba Oil and etc.
The same study also showed that higher concentrations of this essential oil tend to provide better results. It is also worthwhile to mention that this essential oil contains some useful nutrients that can help to improve overall health of nails and cuticles.
There was even one study done on this remedy those aim was to test its effectiveness in treating nail fungus. Based on consumer testimonials online it can be said that ZetaClear doesn’t work for all users, but success rate tends to be quite high. Since effectiveness of this oil is tested in a couple of studies it is also quite commonly included in formulations of OTC treatments that are aimed at treating this condition. So even though success rate of Coconut Oil might be a bit limited with more stubborn fungus conditions it is definitely worthwhile to give this natural remedy a try. Results of this study showed that Vicks Vapor Rub either helped to improve condition (10 participants) or it even helped to eliminate this infection completely (5 participants). Usually first noticeable results can be seen in a couple of weeks’ time and in order to treat nail fungus completely it might be necessary to use ZetaClear for a few months. The rest of participants in the study (3 people) didn’t notice any improvements, so it can be said that this rub works with only a limited success rate.

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