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Besides packing up boxes, we also have a few maintenance issues to attend to in our rental. Cue theĀ  hyperventilating, mile long to-do list, and chaos of trying to pack while still living in a tiny space.
And by maintenance I mean we need to make our walls look smooth, fresh, and gallery wall free. Feel free to use an image from our site, as long as it is accompanied by a link back to DIY Playbook.
It’s well worth it to create a cozy, personalized home and spend some extra time before move-out fixing tiny nail holes.

Instead of taking a ton of spackle and smothering it all over this tiny hole (like most people do) just take a very small amount and put it on the end of your putty knife.
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Today I’m going to prove to you just how easy it is to make those nail holes disappear! Whether you’re moving out or not, you can easily fix a few nail holes around your home yourself!
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You can simply go around your place and fill up all the nail holes and then by the time you come back around it should be good & dry!

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