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If your basement has a musty or moldy smell you’ll want to take care of it as quickly as possible. To get started, the first thing you’ll want to do is detect where the moisture is coming from that is causing the problem.
Most of the time this problem is caused by foundation cracks, faulty gutters or insufficient grading. Other than this, you should consider opening up the windows on nice days to release indoor humidity. Once you have stopped the moisture problem, removed any visible mold, thoroughly ventilated the area and have humidity levels under control the musty smell should be gone. This entry was posted in General Info, Mold Removal, Odor Problems and tagged mold, mold smell on September 10, 2013 by Fred. What Do Our Clients Say?"Olde Tyme Cleaning has been providing our store with cleaning services for a long time.

This could be as simple as high humidity or something worse like foundation seepage, leaking window wells or a plumbing leak. If mold has already started growing and is visible it should be removed after any leaks are fixed. If it persists, then you most likely have a hidden mold growth problem you’ll need to locate. This means you can find mould growth in just about any place if the .How to Get Rid of Mold or Mildew. Most of the time the problem is obvious like damp floors after a heavy rain or water around a washing machine, water heater or bathroom sink. To prevent a musty smell or mold problem you’ll want to dry-vac and ventilate the damp area as quickly as possible. You don’t want to dry out the air too much and draw more moisture to the basement which can activate dormant mold spores.

Most molds will start growing within 24 to 48 hours so get out the fans and open the windows pronto! Thoroughly clean the affected area, rinse the work area with a sponge and clean water and then dry completely with fans. To reduce humidity in your home consider drying clothes outside that you don’t put in the dryer and run the ventilation fans when showering and cooking on the stove (your range hood should blow the air outside or this won’t help). When cleaning mold it is always wise to wear a respiratory protection mask and make sure the work area is open or ventilated (leave doors open and run ventilation fans if possible). Essential Oil, Mouse Ehow, Mouse Cleaning, Mice Ehow, How To Get Rid Of Mice, Mouse Trap, Diy Cleaning .How to Get Rid of Mildew Smell on Blankets.

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