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Drawing pain during menstruation is felt in varying degrees, every woman , usually covering the lower abdomen and sometimes the lumbar region . Gynecologists as the main reason for menstruation pain abdomen and disturbed menstrual cycle disorder called dysmenorrhea. In the first case during menstruation excessive amounts of the hormone prostaglandin so affects the condition of the uterus that causes severe abdominal cramps, headaches, disruption of the intestinal tract. In the second case, the cause of disease are inflammatory diseases of female genitalia : infectious diseases , endometriosis , polyps , ovarian cysts , and others. Dysmenorrhea is poorly treated , consisting in hormone replacement therapy and the elimination of comorbidities .
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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Most of the active, fitness conscious people of the world would have at some point in time, tried a thousand ways of getting rid of sore muscles.
Get Rid Of Sore Muscles - 6 Easy And Effective Natural Remedies YouCan Use At Home By Trish CannoneEverybody is looking for a quick and effective way, and I am pretty sure that if you are looking for a way to get rid of soremuscles, you want it to be easy. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. If one bites his or her tongue; or, it gets cut by a sharp edge of your tooth or a sharp food like a tortilla chip the damage can create a painful canker sore on the tongue.
Another factor that can cause a canker sore on the tongue is tissue deterioration from acidic or spicy food, or food that has not cooled to a proper temperature. Stress, a poor immune system, gastrointestinal problems, like Crohn’s disease, can also cause mouth ulcerations. Usually the patient will begin to feel a burning sensation in the spot where the sore is forming; once it appears the patient will notice a swollen, yellow or white ulcer with a red border. Although ulcerations will go away on their own, many people look for other ways to get rid of the ulceration or at least find a way of treating mouth ulceration on the tongue. It is strongly recommended for treatment use сanker sore Busting Action Plan - 7 Simple Steps. If the patient decide to use alum, please be aware that it will cause burning and leave a bitter taste in your mouth; you can rinse your mouth right after application to combat both of these side effects since the alum will begin working and leaving him or her pain free. Canker sores, also known as “aphthous ulcers,” are ulcers that appear at different places in the mouth and affect about 25 percent of the population (the majority being women).
A canker sore on the gum line can be irritating and painful and can make everyday activities like talking, drinking, and eating a difficult thing to do. There are no clear reasons why people get canker, but some causes of ulcers on gums are  stress, aggressive brushing, and certain foods, especially acidic or spicy foods. A poor immune system, certain gastrointestinal diseases like Crohn’s or Celiac disease, and nutritional deficiencies, especially a lack of B-12, zinc, iron, or folic acid can also cause a ulcers. A sore on the gum, or anywhere else in the mouth are not contagious and are different from fever blisters and cold sores. A canker sore on the gum is an open ulceration usually white, gray, or yellow in appearance with a red border, and results in painful gums. In extreme cases, a ulceration can be accompanied by a fever, general malaise, or one’s lymph nodes can swell.

Depending on the size of the canker sore, it can take one to three weeks to heal completely, with the pain lasting from seven to ten days. A person suffering from a ulcers on the gum would see a doctor if the sore is overly painful, lasts more than fourteen days, or reoccurs very frequently. These symptoms may be a sign of other serious medical conditions like pemphigus (a skin disorder), inflammatory bowel disease, anemia, Bechet’s disease, or in rare cases, leukemia or oral cancer. A sores on the gum line usually heals on its own without any scarring or additional problems.
General oral health like flossing on a daily basis and using mouthwash can also help prevent ucleration by ridding the mouth of leftover food particles. If a dentist feels, it is necessary they may prescribe a corticosteroid ointment to use on the ulcers or an antimicrobial mouthwash.
Over-the-counter treatments  recommended for at least alleviating the pain associated with ulceration usually include oral anesthetic gels or liquids. Mouth rinses made of half-water, half-peroxide, or water mixed with a teaspoon of baking soda can be used to help speed up recovery time.
Dabbing milk of magnesia, vitamin E oil, or pure Aloe Vera gel (avoid gels with additives that may cause a burning sensation) on the sore is also said to heal them faster. One can also make a paste of baking soda and water to apply on the ulcers, but this may prove to be difficult as saliva can wash away pastes. And how to determine the boundary of pain , followed by painful periods can be considered a pathology ?
In the normal case it is not expressed strongly and stops after a few hours after the onset of bleeding . Should consult your doctor if menstruation very sore abdomen , high fever and felt itchy genitals and painful urination . To facilitate the general condition is recommended to walk in the fresh air , avoid the heavy load on the body and stress . The body muscles swell up due to an inflow of lactic acid when they are over-exerted; causing a person to feel stiffness, inflammation and pain in that area, which is commonly known as soreness. The tongue and frenulum are common spots where reccurent oral ulceration can form as well as the interior cheek and gum line. This damage can also occur from dental work like dentures, braces, or even irritation from a dental procedure like a root canal.
Toothpaste containing sodium lauryl sulfate can also cause deterioration in the mouth which can lead to canker sores on the tongue and frenulum. Mixing household ingredients like water and peroxide (equal parts of each) and rinsing your mouth outwill clean out any bacteria in the wound allowing it heal faster. Making a paste with baking soda and water and dabbing it on the ulcer helps to provide instant relief, as is dipping apple cider vinegar, alum (a common spice found in supermarkets), and cayenne pepper.
Applying aspirin directly to the aching for five to ten minutes, two times a day is also said to be helpful in treating a mouth ulceration on the tongue. Over-the-counter analgesic gels and liquids containing benzocaine can be applied to the sore with cotton swabs as a way to numb the pain of aphthous stomatitis. A dentist or doctor might prescribe a stronger medication for more severe mouth ulceration that will not go away.
Hard foods or food with sharp edges, like tortilla chips and pretzels can also poke the gum line. Some sufferers may feel a burning or tingling sensation in the twenty-four hours prior to the actual sore forming. It is essential to note that although these severe symptoms may occur with the ulceration, the sores themselves may not be brought about by a viral infection. There is no instant cure, but professionals believe that avoiding certain things can help prevent ucleration.

Using a soft-bristled toothbrush can also help prevent ulceration, especially for those who are naturally aggressive when brushing their teeth.
There has also been a research done noting the presence of sodium lauryl sulfate in some toothpaste brands as the cause of gum damage and sores.
If choosing to use a paste, it is essential to remember not to eat or drink after applying it.
But for various reasons ( complications after childbirth, abortion , viral diseases , installation IUD ) in women can become regular painful periods .
In the most severe case, a woman may experience dizziness and unbearable pain in the pelvic area .
While certain over-the-counter drugs and creams are sometimes helpful in relieving soreness, natural remedies are undoubtedly the best option since they have no side-effects and are very effective. Usually, there must be some damage to this soft tissue in order for the mouth ulceration to form. It can also happen from poking oneself with a toothpick, or from aggressively brushing your teeth. These remedies may not get rid of the wound completely, but they will at least take away the pain associated with it. Common sufferers highly recommend a mouthwash of equal parts of antihistamine and antacid as it numbs the area sufficiently. Is it hot, or is it cold?What you need to do here is take a hot shower for about two minutes, then make a quick change to a cold one and make itlast for about 30 seconds. Since research has proven that pain creams with theright ingredients work the fastest on stopping pain, with the right cream in your hands, there is no doubt you will be able toget rid of sore muscles quickly, effectively and safely.Want to discover how to get rid of sore muscles using a natural, proven cream which is made from homeopathicingredients that not only stop the pain but also cure the root of the pain? However, it is important not to swallow this mixture as it can cause complications when ingested. Small ulcers will heal without any scarring, but it is possible for bigger ulcerations to leave scars. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow. MassageMassage helps you get through the soreness by pushing the lactic acid out of your muscles.
Hot BathYou need to increase the circulation in your body, and to achieve this you need to find a way to provide you withinflammatory action in your body. But let me tell you that you need towait for a while after a workout before you enter the tub. Its cold againWhenever you feel like you need to get rid of sore muscles, and you need it to be quick, go for an ice pack. For The Busy PeopleA well-known and proven method which works perfectly for many is by applying spot-on herbal pain rubs made fromhomeopathic ingredients like Rhus Tox, Belladonna, MSM, Ignatia and others. They are usually packaged in a carry size bottle so you can easily put some on your soremuscles for instant relief. Drink upA lot of time, the reason for soreness can be due to the lack of minerals in your body.
If the bumps on your tongue are related to an infection, an antiseptic mouthwash will help.

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