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A small bump on upper lip may be white, painful, flesh colored, red and sometimes not painful. To have a big bump on upper lip, or even a small bump on your top lip may be a normal thing. How to Get Rid of Red Bump on Upper Lip: The simplest way to treat red bumps on your mouth is to see a doctor. However, small painful bumps inside the upper lip could be a fungal infection, a symptom of mouth cancer or a nymph node.
How to Get Rid of a Bump Inside Upper Lip: The danger or risk of having a lump with a clear fluid inside, that is not painful to touch can be that of oral cancer. How to Get Rid of Tiny White Bump on the Upper Lip: Normally, the Fordyce spots should clear on their own. You might want to see a doctor for a diagnosis of any of these problems before they spread further on other parts of the body, including the genital area. Popping the bump can get rid of it, but you run the risk of getting an infection in the mouth.
First and foremost, you need to remember that the cold sores are actually caused by an infection with the herpetic virus (herpes simplex 1).
The differential diagnosis is best made by a doctor or a pharmacist but, until you reach these specialists, you need to learn how to recognize such conditions on your own. Do not squeeze the pimple before it has formed the whitehead, otherwise you will only aggravate the infection and you will end up having a scar.
Avoiding picking the peeled skin or moisturizing the lips with saliva (aggravates the condition).

The concern for the cause is important since it becomes easier to find the treatment for the clusters of bumps.
Some women may also see a sign of a red bump on upper lip and on the lips of the genital area. However, if the lesions are persistent, you should see a doctor or a dermatologist who will prescribe either a topical remedy or other treatments such as excision and antivirals depending on the diagnosis.
Such hard bumps are normally removed by methods such as liquid nitrogen therapy or laser surgery to remove the hard bump on the lip line. As we have seen above, there are different remedies for the varying conditions that cause the lumps on the lip line or above the top lip. Because of the fact that 90% of the adults suffer from such an infection at one point in their life, this can be easily mistaken for a pimple on the lip. Though it could be one of the causes as we shall see below, you will find a couple of other causes below. In case you are having the flesh colored bumps, you might need to take antiviral medication. Most of the times, a bump inside upper lip is going to be painful and will cause a lot of discomfort.
The symptom for any of these is likely to be painful bump inside the top lip, or sometimes just a lump that is not painful.
Fever blisters, apthous ulcer spots and herpes simplex 1 could also manifest themselves as white spots above the top lip. A dermatologist will examine you first before recommending a treatment to remedy the big hard and painful bump on upper lip.

However, if the bump is not bothersome, this treatment may not be necessary, and your doctor is likely to recommend topical painkillers and other medications to get rid of the cold sores. Whether small or growing, it is important to know that some bumps can be dangerous cancerous growths while others are not dangerous at all. However, knowing exactly what that tender spot on your lip represents is essential, so as to get the correct treatment. If you have a bump inside upper lip of your mouth, you may notice the discomfort it causes. The problem is likely to be a benign one and you might not need to worry about it, as it will clear by itself. Mostly, these zit like formations can be painful, grow on the ear lobe, cartilage or even in the ear canal.
Unfortunately, the pimple on the lip can cause a lot of discomfort, preventing regular daily activities such as eating. The treatment for the pimple on the lip is often symptomatic but there are remedies recommended for the underlying cause as well (hormonal imbalance, excessive sebum production at the level of the skin or viral infection). In addition, to have tiny white bumps on upper lip could also be a symptom of an infection.

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