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Thus, you should always keep your body cool to get rid of chapped lips. It is essential to care your lips as they are one among the prettiest part of the face that brings smile that reflects your face. Dip the cotton ball, in cucumber juice; apply it on your chapped lips, similarly, dip the new clean paint brush, in the honey, apply this honey neatly on the chapped lips. As it is very well-known that turmeric has lots of medicinal ingredients and is good to cure any type of diseases or pain. Coconut oil also works well in the treatment of chapped lips; therefore, apply coconut oil on your lips to bring them to normal condition. To give a beautiful smile, you need to have soft and shining lips, without which your smile becomes pale.

Hence, to bring your chapped lips to normal, you can follow the quick home remedies for chapped lips. Use turmeric with cheese; add ? tea spoon of turmeric with similar amount of cheese, make a paste, and apply this on your chapped lips. Remember, you need to wash your lips before you apply butter to remove the dust particles from your lips. Pour a drop of coconut oil on the tip of your forefinger, and apply on your lips thoroughly, to make the lips smooth and remove the wrinkles or lines on your lips.
As Himalaya lip balm is an ayurvedic lip balm, applying which benefits a lot and you will not find any irritation or any kind of reaction,  because of its natural ingredients and they do not use chemicals that harms your lips.

You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Later, apply butter on your painful lips with your forefinger, especially during night that gives you a soft, smooth, and buttery type of lips by letting you to get rid of the chapped lips.

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