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Get Rid of Those Dog Tear Stains NowTear staining occurs when dog tears spill onto the face. Even if the tear discoloration is not a health related matter and does not affect the physical condition of the family pet, a good number of dog or puppy lovers would rather prevent the discoloration as much as possible, generally there are many steps you can take to achieve this. The initial thing you should consider is completely cleansing the area every single day, utilizing a little bit of hydrogen peroxide on the stained hair. Again, first rule out any medical causes for the over production of tears, and then consider one of the mentioned products to provide some cosmetic relief.   There is no cure for the condition, other than surgical correction of issues in dogs that have something blocking the tear ducts. Breeds which have proportionately oversized eyes, which includes shih tzus, maltese, along with pugs, often have chronic tearing.

With recurring scrubbing, the hydrogen peroxide will be able to lighten all the hair, contributing to a better overall look. Also, if you see puppy tear stains, be sure to see your vet to see if there is something that needs to be corrected before it turns into a more serious problem.
The stains are caused when the tears land onto the fur, it oxidizes causing a brownish stain. The ordinary eye produces tears continuously, additionally, the built up tears will be depleted into the nasolacrimal duct by using a small opening inside the lower eyelid. It is very important if you use peroxide that you just be extremely careful to never get any straight into the eyes.

In large-eyed dogs, very often the opening at the duct is just too small for a eye, or becomes stretched in a manner in which it no longer allows for discharge back into the duct.
Excessive tearing however, may be a problem if it is due to a problem with the outflow or draining of tears or an abnormal eyelash that grows into the eye instead of outward. In most of these instances, the tears need to go somewhere, hence they just simply discharge from the corners of the eyes into the dog’s fur.

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