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Gary’s apparently upset by a proposed Norman ordinance that would ban certain types of snakes from city limits. Tuesday night, several pet owners showed up to the city council meeting to voice their concerns over a proposed ordinance that would ban certain types of exotic creatures like pythons and boa constrictors. Anyway, KFOR talked to Norman Deputy Police Chief Jim Maisano about why the city wants to go all St. Gary Barksdale is the illegitimate spawn of Sally Kern and Ted Nugent and for that he is my Hero.
Imogen, this seems an appropriate time to ask if you could do a post for those of us with pets please. If you vacuum your home on daily or weekly basis, you can keep your clothes completely pet hair free.

Lint Roller, Lint Brush, Lint Remover, Clothes Brush, How to pick up pet hair, How to get rid of Pet hair and Lint. Our main products included mops, mop slippers, pringtings, paper prodcuts, extension pole and so on. Our factory specialize in brushes for 15 years, we have many other brushes with all kinds of shapes. If they “have no desirable qualities or features”, why not ban driving and voting for people owning Dave Matthews CDs?
He has spent half a decade fighting against the Civil Rights this gay friends and neighbors.
I'm honestly starting to feel like a feminist wearing all those skirts n accessories n shit.

They’re wild, wiggly, untamed creatures with big sharp fangs that can strike, kill and eat a small child or Al Eschbach at any moment. They also talked to Michael Wilkins the owner of a snake sanctuary in Newalla, which gives us all an amazing excuse to never visit Newalla. Trying to get his facebook friends to sign this or that petition to send to the the State House. I like wearing layered knits but they are not exactly practical when you have long haired pets as I do.

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