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When dead skin cells block oil from flowing freely through the pores, pimples and blackheads can be the result. Overview There are pores all over the body, but aesthetically are mostly a concern on the face.

Steaming the face is inexpensive, opens the pores, and allows for easier removal of impurities trapped inside. Using a toner daily can help dry oil in the pores, keeping them from becoming clogged again. Most of doctors say acne and pimples are due to irregular shedding of dead skin, and some time acne grows when oil and dead skin silenced in your skin.Acne and Pimples treatment How to Acne and Pimples treatmentWith help of some good Home remedy health tips we can get excellent result and easily get rid from acne and pimples.

I would like to suggest you how you can use it, one drop of natural tea tree oil and nine drop pure natural drink water use it on pimples and acne.

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